Stem cells therapy for Lyme disease


Since Lyme disease attacks the body at the cellular level, the advancements made in stem cell therapy are now

uniquely suited to the task of repairing the damage done that is a result from Lyme disease complications.


Stem cells (SCs) allow for the regeneration of the affected body part

and improve the immune system of the body .

Chemokines, cytokines, and growth factors released from the site of injury communicate with the stem cells administered in the body.

This process is initiated by the upregulation of selectins and integrins on the surface of the stem cells which enable their migration to the damaged site

leading to regeneration

Previous studies have shown that the route through which mesenchymal stem cells were administered influenced their potential to migrate and

home at the site of injury .


In addition, studies investigating the potential of stem cells for degenerative disorders have shown that a gap period between two doses of stem cells is essential because the stem cells require time to start multiplying into the desired cell type



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