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Stem cell therapy for skin problems:

wounds , injury, wrinkles, Rosacea, aging etc.

Specialization in arthroscopy and osteotomies of the knee, ankle joint and foot surgery.
We are a center with experience in stem cell and PRP therapies.
Reconstruction of articular cartilage using mesenchymal stem cells from Wharton’s jelly (WJ-MSC) – from the umbilical cord of newborns.
Menisci regeneration by using WJ-MSC with accompaniment a nanoscope.
We use adipose tissue stem cells for the treatment of joint degeneration.
We are pioneers in the treatment of dry enthesopathy and incomplete meniscal injuries as well as treatment of fibrin, PRP and Orthokine (PRP + IL-1).

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stem cell spain WhatsApp: +447778936902 , +33745637397, +34670491885

    e-mail: head_office@nbscience.com

Disclaimer: Stem cell therapy is a great alternative therapy but offers no guarantees and is not promoted as a cure. This is similar to many other conventional medical treatments. A complete review of the patient’s medical history is required to determine eligibility and approval for stem cell therapy. All personal information provided is for internal and medical use with medical providers only. Treatments are not conducted in offices or in the UK. All cellular therapies are conducted in Europe , as it is regulated by the Ministry of Health and other local authorities. All treatments are performed within the legal limits and regulatory framework for the country in which the specific medical provider practices.

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