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What is umbilical cord stem cell therapy?

Umbilical cord blood is a rich source of vibrant young cells, including stem cells, cytokines and growth factors that support tissue regeneration and repair. Umbilical cord blood is derived from the umbilical cord which connects the mother to her baby.

What are stem cells?
Stem cells are undifferentiated (not specified) cells with the potential to develop into other types of specialized cells like soft tissue, muscle and cartilage. Types of stem cells present in umbilical cord blood include Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Hematopoietic Stem Cells and other beneficial cell populations. These young cells, cytokines and growth factors work together to help balance the body’s ability to repair and regenerate itself.

Sources of umbilical cord blood.
Umbilical cord blood is donated tissue from consenting donors that undergo full testing. Each donor is subjected to comprehensive infectious disease testing that surpass federal and industry standards, ensuring it is safe for use.

Potential uses of umbilical cord blood.
Umbilical cord blood is used to treat a variety of conditions.

Potential uses
Umbilical cord a blood stem cells may be used to treat various conditions such as:

Degenerative diseases
Tissue injuries
Blood Disorders
Metabolic Disorders
Immune Disorders
Umbilical cord blood cells easily adapt to your body’s environment and begin to signal your cells. This signaling can speed up the body’s natural healing process and reinforce the body’s immune system.

Procedure of obtaining umbilical cord blood.
Cord blood is obtained from a healthy donor during a live healthy birth. The umbilical cord is clamped and cut as normal following birth, but instead of discarding, the cord is taken to another room where the leftover blood within is obtained. The mother and baby do not experience any pain and the baby does not experience any shortage of stem cells.

Once obtained, the blood is tested and processed to remove the red blood cells and the plasma. The remaining mononucleated cells, which include stem cells, can be developed into a biologic therapy which may be cryopreserved or frozen for later use.

Advantages of using umbilical cord stem cell therapy.
The advantage of using stem cells and growth factors from the umbilical cord are:

They differentiate and multiply more efficiently
They naturally move to the desired area
They adapt very well to the host body without causing an adverse reaction
As the umbilical cord is normally discarded at birth, its use for cellular therapy does not raise any ethical concerns

Risks and complications of umbilical cord stem cell therapy.
There is no possible risk to the baby or mother since the cord blood is obtained after the cord has been detached.

stem cell therapy USA

Using our Ask A Doctor free service, you can send your questions to a Doctor and the Doctor will reply within minutes. It’s as if you are having an email exchange with your very own private Physician!

stem cell spain WhatsApp: +447778936902 , +33745637397, +34670491885


stem cell therapy USA

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stem cell therapy USA


Using our Ask A Doctor service, you can send your questions to a Doctor and the Doctor will reply within minutes. It’s as if you are having an email exchange with your very own private Physician!

stem cell spain WhatsApp: +447778936902 , +33745637397, +34670491885


stem cell therapy USA

Clinical Trial demonstrated that stem cells injections in dosage of one million stem cells per kilogram of body weight was sufficient to induce disease remission

“Patients First”

“Patients First” is the guiding principle . Every day we strive to provide outstanding and compassionate care and service to our patients. Our goal is twofold – improve the health and experience of our patients. Hear directly from our patients about their  experience.

 Name: Mr.Ajay ( United Kingdom), 2018

Age: 33

DDD (Degenerative disc disease)
Lower & thoracic spine stiffness & pain;
L1-S1 disc bulge indenting nerve root.
(Back pain/stiffness)
Osteoarthritis right shoulder;
(Shoulder pain & stiffness)


Dr. Eugene organised all our traveling needs. …
I traveled in the company of my mother and I received a total of 50,000,000  stem cells, in my upper and lower back, and right shoulder.
After treatment; regeneration has been amazing. There has been week by week progress in my health. On the whole my back feels stronger and more stable. The upper thoracic recovery is spectacular. A lot of pain has disappeared and is continuing to do so as time passes. Lower back feels unbelievable! I use to be bed ridden for most of the day due to pain. Now I can spend a day without laying down if I must and it will only get better from here.
It’s now been 2 months since I received Stem Cells and they are continuing to repair my body and damaged cells. It is a long lasting effect. I’m very happy with the results already.

…. I contacted stem cell doctors in my country in England, in America, Russia, India, and most of Europe. I discovered that the ones I found were either stupendously overly priced, or only did certain services regarding stem cells. In my case I had multiple issues with my health and my problems were more than one specific area. NBScience tackled all my problems together. I would just like to OUTLINE that this was most crucial for me. I’m very grateful to all the doctors at NBScience who helped me. I failed to find another stem cell company providing a wider availability of services that NBScience permitted. My Experience during stem cell injections was remarkable. Everything went very smooth and as structured.
I was taken very good care of personally by 3 individual specialists. I was seen by a spinal doctor. Dr Eugene also called in a separate shoulder specialist for me, to inject my shoulder to make sure the stem cells were initiated correctly. This was very kind of him and the service was exceptional. The modern facility at NBScience were faultless and very organised…..
The quality of stem cells at NBScience are to the highest degree.
I know friends who have had autologous stem cells and embryonic stem cells elsewhere and my recovery has beaten them in comparison. This was the best result for me.
Stem cells are a true miracle and they work.
NBScience have more than 30 years experience with stem cells. This is why I trusted them.

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Should anyone wish to ask me more questions with my story on how stem cells helped me or about NBScience, please feel free to contact me on my personal email.

Disclaimer: Stem cell therapy is a great alternative therapy but offers no guarantees and is not promoted as a cure. This is similar to many other conventional medical treatments. A complete review of the patient’s medical history is required to determine eligibility and approval for stem cell therapy. All personal information provided is for internal and medical use with medical providers only. Treatments are not conducted in offices or in the UK. All cellular therapies are conducted in Europe or USA , as it is regulated by the Ministry of Health and other local authorities. All treatments are performed within the legal limits and regulatory framework for the country in which the specific medical provider practices.

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