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Location: Cancun, Mexico

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Main goal to solve the problem and alleviate the condition, not just attempt to treat it. Offering top-notch technology available and quality care, emphasizing that patients are always number one priority. Highly qualified team of experts are always ready to assist you.

Committed to inspiring hope and increasing the well-being of patients as a whole, respecting each individual emotionally and spiritually. Goals are to give patients the best possible experience through the commitment of each and every one of members.

Skilled and caring medical providers will bring to your disposal a wealth of experience in stem cell applications and therapies. Clinic offer state-of-the-art medical facilities and a surgery center to help ensure the best care and outcomes possible.

Why are we the best option?

Highly Manipulated Stem cell therapy has become a strong therapeutic alternative for a number of degenerative conditions, including Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and heart disease, among others, for its capacity of immunomodulation, release of growth factors and for its ability of  regeneration of injured tissue and to stimulate other close-by cells to change their behavior in the human body.

Several clinical studies have already been conducted, and many have produced positive results when patients undergo treatments utilizing Combined Autologous and Allogeneic cellular products, speciality with the direct implantation of pure cultured and expanded Mesenchymal cells to assist in the treatment of these degenerative conditions.
Treatment plan is based upon three advantages that regenerative cells exhibit.

They release anti-inflammatory proteins over an extended amount of time, they have an immunomodulatory effect, which means that they can be used to help control and regulate the immune system, and they also have a paracrine effect, which means that they secrete things like exosomes to change the behavior of cells, and communicate with these cells to bring them to areas of damaged tissue. These three aspects of Stem Cells play a big part in treating patients and garnering results, especially in autoimmune disorders and chronic degenerative diseases.

Comprehensive stem cell treatment protocols employ well-targeted combinations of Exosomes, allogeneic human Mesenchymal cells, and autologous bone marrow and Adipose derived stem cells to treat the  diseases and conditions listed previously. Treatment plans are mostly focused on a systemic or whole-body approach to ensure these patients receive the highest quality and quantity of cellular products during their time in the hospital.

Brings leadership to every aspect of the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine fields. Covering clinical research, patient applications, and physician training through , state-of-the-art global network of companies. Main mission is to enable physicians to make the benefits of stem cell medicine a reality for patients around the world.


Located in Cancun, medical office is accredited both by the Mexican General Health Council and COFEPRIS (Mexican FDA). There, have a highly-qualified team in many specialties, including pediatricians, radiologists, neurologists, anesthesiologists and regenerative medicine specialists, who convene with each other to produce the most reliable, efficable patient experience available.

Aside from its proximity to the United States and pleasant climate and sights, facilities in Cancun are top-notch, and include a laboratory to culture-expand cells, a process that yields better patient results, and a cryopreservation unit to keep these extracted samples stored safely until they are needed.

Quality System

The basic of Quality management system are based on the following regulations and standards for cell therapy, safety and infrastructure conditions:

  • CAT Standards for the Obtention, Processing, Storage and Distribution of Blood Umbilical cord.
  • The Federal Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks COFEPRIS (the institution that fulfills the role of the FDA in Mexico) 
  • Standards: Good Practices for Tissue transplants, Banks and Bone Marrow.
  • FACT-JACIE International standards for the collection, processing and administration of hematopoietic cell therapy products.
  • ISO 14644: 2016 Standard Air quality in controlled environments.
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Standard Quality Management Systems
  • Mexican resolution “Adoption of Good Clinical Practices for Research with Medicines in Humans (specifically for clinical research projects)
  • Clinical Investigation Medicine and Supplies Guide COFEPRIS.
  • ISSCR International Society for Stem Cell Research.
  • ISSCA International society for stem cells applications. 
  • GMP Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products.

stem cell spain WhatsApp: +447778936902 , +33745637397, +34670491885


Disclaimer: Stem cell therapy is a great alternative therapy but offers no guarantees and is not promoted as a cure. This is similar to many other conventional medical treatments. A complete review of the patient’s medical history is required to determine eligibility and approval for stem cell therapy. All personal information provided is for internal and medical use with medical providers only. Treatments are not conducted in offices or in the UK. All cellular therapies are conducted in Europe or Mexico, as it is regulated by the Ministry of Health, COFEPRIS and other local authorities. All treatments are performed within the legal limits and regulatory framework for the country in which the specific medical provider practices.

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