Extensive campaign helps Saudi Arabia to attract 10,000 stem cell donors

Saudi Arabia is the first country in the Arab world to record more than 10,000 stem cell donors, a medical feat that will encourage people to donate stem cells and promote stem cell therapy in the kingdom to help people suffering with incurable diseases, according to an Aug. 9 article in Arab News. 

The increased donor level is the result of intensive campaigns organized by King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) in various regions of Saudi Arabia, designed to raise awareness of the donor’s role in saving the lives of people with incurable diseases.

KAIMRC, which is the medical research body for health affairs in the Ministry of National Guard, began recording stem cell donors in 2011, setting up the first national bone marrow donor registry in the kingdom to provide relevant data for patients with intractable diseases in order to facilitate them with stem cell therapy

Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt.

1 Cairo Egypt
2 Tehran Iran
3 Istanbul Turkey
4 Baghdad Iraq
5 Riyadh Saudi Arabia
6 Ankara Turkey
7 Dubai United Arab Emirates
8 Alexandria Egypt
9 Jeddah Saudi Arabia
10 Amman Jordan
11 İzmir Turkey
12 Tel Aviv Israel
13 Mosul Iraq
14 Mashhad Iran
15 Isfahan Iran
16 Damascus Syria
17 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
18 Basra Iraq
19 Tabriz Iran
20 Doha Qatar
21 Kuwait City Kuwait
22 Beirut Lebanon
23 Sanaa Yemen
24 Aleppo Syria
25 Irbid Jordan
26 Gaza City Palestine
27 Mecca Saudi Arabia
28 Karaj Iran
29 Shiraz Iran
30 Erbil Iraq
31 Muscat Oman
32 Najaf Iraq

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