Stem cell therapy for Lyme disease

Lyme disease is an infectious pathology that develops after a tick bite. Often, this disease affects the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Possible meningitis, meningoencephalitis, lymphocytic meningoradiculoneuritis, myocarditis, endocarditis and other complications. Skin, joints, other organs and tissues are affected. Although antibiotics are the mainstay of treatment, since they eliminate the very cause of the inflammation, after the completion of the main therapy, residual effects are often observed. Therefore, in addition to etiotropic treatment, pathogenetic treatment is also necessary.

In Germany, patients with chronic Lyme disease can undergo stem cell treatment. What are the effects of stem cells?
Is the therapy safe? How is Lyme disease treated with stem cells?

Where is Lyme disease treated with stem cells? What are the effects of stem cells? There are hundreds of types of cells in the human body.

But all of them are formed from common precursors – stem cells. Any tissue can develop from them: nervous, muscular, connective. The body’s ability to repair itself depends on the number of these cells. Their supply decreases with age. This explains the fact that in childhood, recovery from injuries and illnesses passes quickly and without consequences. While in middle and especially old age, the body’s capabilities are severely limited. Stem cells are used to normalize the repair of organs and tissues damaged by Lyme disease. With their help, you can achieve the following results:
Strengthen immunity, which will more effectively fight spirochetes – the causative agents of Lyme disease Increase the tone of the body, eliminate asthenic syndrome Restore the structure and function of damaged organs and tissues Accelerate recovery from Lyme disease Increase efficiency Reduce inflammation in the joints Additionally, a number of positive effects develop – under the influence of stem cells, aging slows down and the function of internal organs improves. Is the therapy safe?
Stem cell treatments for Lyme disease are safe.

doctors know when to use it and when to postpone the procedure to a more appropriate date. Typically, in Lyme disease, stem cell therapy is not prescribed in the first phase of the disease, when there is a general intoxication of the body. In the second and third phases, as well as after antibiotic therapy, stem cells are successfully applied and give good results. Autologous cells are used for treatment. That is, they are received from the person himself, and not from the donor. Therefore, there are no complications. Possible side effects during treatment: Weakness Increase in body temperature Short-term exacerbation of chronic pathology Redness and soreness at the injection site But all symptoms quickly disappear – in a maximum of 2 weeks. Then there is a steady improvement.
How is Lyme disease treated with stem cells? The patient is examined. The doctor evaluates his condition and identifies any complications of Lyme disease.

Examination for parenteral infections – HIV, syphilis, viral hepatitis, cytomegalovirus is mandatory. This is followed by the stage of obtaining stem cells. They are taken from different parts of the body. Cells obtained from bone marrow (in this case, a puncture of the iliac crest is performed), adipose tissue or the patient’s blood can be used. The doctor counts the number of cells and assesses their viability. The resulting stem cells are cultured. This process allows you to increase their number.

They are then injected into the patient’s body. How exactly depends on the specific problems caused by Lyme disease. Cells can be injected: Into the regional bloodstream – into the arterial system that approaches a specific organ Into the systemic circulation – cells are injected intravenously and distributed throughout the body Into the cerebrospinal fluid (using lumbar puncture) – if symptoms of central nervous system damage prevail in Lyme disease Directly to a problem organ during surgery. Where is Lyme disease treated with stem cells? For the treatment of Lyme disease with stem cells, you can go to the Clinic for Advanced Biological Medicine.

The principles of the clinic: Only safe methods of therapy are used that do not harm the patient. The root cause of the disease is identified and eliminated.

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