Stem cel rejuvenation and stem cells life extension therapy

What are stem cells:
Stem cells are the leading cells in our body. They have the ability to make many copies of themselves, and can also transform into other types of cells. These cells can be found in various parts of the human body at any stage of its development – from the embryo to the adult.

Aging is the result of a depletion of stem cells, so the introduction of new stem cells can slow down or even reverse this process. It is believed that stem cell therapy is the greatest breakthrough in the world of science, it can revolutionize the field of medicine and improve the quality and duration of human life.
How stem cells fight aging:
Stem cells have a unique anti-aging effect, improving the functioning of the immune system and regenerating internal organs that have been damaged by stress and toxins.

Your body uses its own stem cells to make you stronger, healthier and more resistant to disease. As we age, our bodies use stem cells to repair damaged organs and to replace those stem cells that have been destroyed by toxins. At all stages of our life, the body fights various damage with the help of stem cells. When you smoke, stem cells are sent to your lungs. When you tan, they regenerate your skin. Back in the early 2000s, we didn’t know that stem cells can regenerate most of our organs, but now we know that every organ can use bone marrow cells for regeneration.

Stem cell production decreases with age:
As we age, the bone marrow produces fewer stem cells for organ regeneration. Stem cell therapy can remedy this situation.

In healthy people, the youthfulness of the skin is maintained by the stem cells of the epidermis, which self-renew and produce copies of themselves, which become a new layer of the skin. Despite the appearance of age spots and age-related changes in the skin, epidermal stem cells remain in sufficient quantity throughout our life. Thus, skin aging is associated with a slow response of bone marrow stem cells or with a decrease in the number of stem cells that are able to properly respond to a signal for the necessary “repair”. This means that if we increase the number of circulating stem cells by mobilizing bone marrow and by introducing additional stem cells, we can change this situation.

Previously, it was suggested that the depletion of stem cells triggered cardiovascular aging, resulting in diseases such as angina pectoris, heart attack, stroke and senile dementia. Indeed, this wasting has been shown to be responsible for coronary heart disease and, as a result, damage to the cardiovascular muscle. All this means that cardiovascular disease can be avoided using stem cell therapy.

As aging progresses, the brain’s ability to produce new neurons decreases. The reason for this remains still unknown, but apparently, it is simply due to age-related changes in the brain. This situation is exacerbated by age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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