Face Stem Cell therapy is an ultra-modern method of rejuvenation based on the stimulation of tissue regeneration, which is used in aesthetic and plastic surgery. The essence of the procedure is to inject the face and neck in small doses of stem cells, which are obtained from the patient’s blood. The blood is collected and processed in the laboratory. After processing, the biomaterial is mixed with plasma, which is obtained from the patient’s blood. In a private clinic, the stem cell rejuvenation procedure has been carried out for 25 years.
Stem cells also have a regenerative function. They stimulate metabolic processes in the tissues of the face, thereby renewing them, increasing turgor and improving elasticity. To date, this method is the most effective in the fight against aging of the face. It is absolutely safe, does not cause rejection or allergic reactions, since the introduction of foreign compounds is excluded, only stem cells obtained from the patient’s body are used.

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