Frequently Asked Questions about stem cell therapy

How long do I need to be at the clinic?
Between 3 to 6 hours, depending upon your condition.
Can other treatments be taken at the same time?
There are not any known contraindications for other therapies during stem cell protocol. Typically, a doctor will review what other treatments and medication the person is already taking.
Are there any known side effects to this protocol?
Participants have not reported any side effects other than discomfort at the injection site.
How long does it take to get an appointment?
The multidisciplinary medical committee will review the medical records. It will then take 2 to 3 days to review the records and get back to you. Then the procedure is scheduled for the next earliest available appointment. The process of scheduling takes 5 to 7 days, from the time of the initial contact to the date of the first procedure.
Is a special diet required?
Typically no. A doctor will review the medical condition and make recommendations if needed.
Are any nutritional supplements or medication taken along stem cell protocols?
There may be specific nutritional supplements that may enhance the potential benefits of stem cell protocols. Such prescriptions will be made on an individual basis, depending on each persons particular evaluation.
Does drinking or smoking affect therapy?
Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking can both be detrimental to new progenitor stem cells. It is highly advisable that people do not smoke or drink 2 weeks prior to and after procedure.
Is there a risk of developing Cancer?
No. Protocols with stem cells have no risk of developing cancer.
Where are the medical procedures performed?
All procedures are performed at our  Stem Cells Clinic .
Will I be hospitalized?
No. Stem cells collections and stem cells injections  are outpatient procedures and will be done at our facility.
Which is the best way to get to  Stem Cells Clinic ?

 Clinic will provide your personal agent to help you out in every way during your procedure. Clinic can offer a safe private transportation service between Airport –hotel and Clinic upon request.
Is you Clinic licensed by the government authorities ?
Yes, Clinic is licensed by the Ministry of the Health
Is the doctor CV and the medical facility address up in your website?
Yes, you can view the doctors CV on our website, and the facility address is visible in our website.
Is it possible to speak directly with one of the doctors? (even If I am not still a patient, or anytime during my treatment?)
Yes, you can request a Whatsapp or email communication directly with one of our doctors even if you are still not a patient.
Does your Clinic have a dedicated stem cell-processing lab or sends to a 3rd party to process?
We have our own dedicated Stem Cell Processing Lab.
What is the source of the Stem Cells you administer?
The treatments performed at Stem Cell Clinic are autologous, which means that the doctor’s harvest the Stem Cells from the patients’ own body, most specifically the patients blood, bone marrow or fat (adipose) tissue .
 What types of Stem Cells do you administer?
They are Autologous Adult Stem Cells. Depending on the harvesting process and lab processing, huge amounts of Hematopoietic or Mesenchymal
stem cells can be infused into the patient.
How soon can I get back to my daily activities? (What is the recovery time?)
Usually the recovery time is minimal after a stem cell treatment, next day you will be able to be back at your daily activities.
How long has your clinic been in business?
Clinic has been in business for 20 years since Jan 1999.
 How are the cells delivered to the body for an efficient effect?
Stem Cells can be delivered intravenously or in the place of the specific injury, depending on the injury or ailment. We do intravenous, intrarticular, retrobulbar injections among others depending on the case.
 Is the clinic adequately prepared to handle emergencies? (Such as a serious allergic reaction or another non related medical event)
Yes, our clinic and all of the staff is prepared to handle any type of emergency. We also have ambulance and hospital contacts to scale if necessary.  Up to today we have never had an emergency situation.
What kind of support do you give your patients regarding the trip? (Local transportation, hotel reservations, long distance calls, language interpreters, Hi speed-wifi connection, 24 hrs medical contact phone)
When you schedule an appointment, you are assigned a personal agent to assist you with everything from your travel needs to your medical procedure. This assistant will be able to help you with administrative tasks, logistics, planning your stay, communication with the medical staff, etc. Your personal agent will provide you the proper documentation to complete your medical records and will explain the informed consent. Our goal is to make your travel and stay easy and comfortable. Depending on your situation, your personal agent can coordinate: Transportation to and from nearby airports,
Local transportation (for example: Airport-hotel-Clinic)
Logistic Coordination
Translation services
Long distance calls
Special meals,
Hi speed Wifi connection
Entertainment, etc.
 What kind of support do you provide when special needs are present? (Wheelchair, permanent oxygen tanks, dialysis, X rays, MRI, blood works) 
Our clinic complies a clinical quality standard program, and is fully prepare to provide support if any special need arise. We have set up  dialysis sessions, MRI or X-rays services, lab services, wheelchairs, etc.
 What follow-up will I received, and for how long? What will I need to do?
Our medical staff will periodically follow up with you every month for one year after the procedure. When the year is done, follow up is still available when needed. You will not have to do much more than answer a quick phone call or a short email.  Depending on the case you may need to take confirmation blood tests or Xrays at the end of the treatment.
 What are the costs of the treatment? What does it include? What other costs will I incur? Will the quotation change once I get there?
The cost of the treatment will vary depending on the treatment plan developed by our medical committee. Once the quotation is made, we will honor that quotation and no other expenses will be charged.  You will not be offered additional services on site to increase your purchase total. No surprises.
If I would like to schedule, how soon can you take me?
The multidisciplinary medical committee will review the medical records. It will then take 2 to 3 days to review the records and get back to you. Then the procedure is scheduled for the next earliest available appointment. The complete process may take 5 to 7 days, from the time of the initial contact to the date of the first procedure.
What is the weather like at this time of the year?
The climate can be described as dry and continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly severe winters.   There are more than 290 sunny days in the year.

In summer daytime temperatures reach 25-30°C, but sometimes quite higher, 35°C or more, especially in the inland areas. 

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