Can I do embryonic stem cell therapy ? Will it affect after treatment ?I have uterine myoma and ovarian cyst.

Stem cells can be used in different areas of obstetrics and gynecology. Main stem cells function in tissue homeostasis and repair.

Stem cells have been used to set up therapeutic strategies for the treatment of gynecological formations such as myomas and cysts.

Stem cells contribute to tissue repair mechanisms in different maternal organs.
Transplanted cells may improve function by local engraftment, trophic factors, or modulation of inflammation.

Notably, there is great interest in regeneration of aged or damaged tissues specific to the female anatomy and lower urinary tract
via stem cell based technologies.
In humans, damaged tissues are generally replaced by continuous recruitment and differentiation from stem cells in the body.

However, the body’s ability for regeneration is reduced with aging.

Current approaches for tissue regeneration include transplantation of embryonic stem cells.
Because of their property of self-renewal, large amounts of cells can be produced for transplantation.

We recommend high Pure Embryo Stem Cells (PESC TM) dosage – 50 000 000 / infusion.

Stem cell therapy for tissue regeneration in obstetrics and gynecology very effective thechnology.


stem cells therapy

Expected Benefits:

The expected benefits from one of our stem cell therapy programs are extensive and will vary on a case by case basis according to a patient’s condition at the time of the injection of stem cells. In general though, once the  stem cells are injected in a patient’s body, it is expected that the injected stem cells will assist in the regeneration and revitalization of the patient’s main internal organs and tissues as well as assist activate the existing body stem cells. The revitalizing and improvement in the functions of major organs such as liver, heart, and kidneys as well as key systems such as the hemic and lymphatic systems will in turn help turn back the clock and make the body run more efficiently. With a marked improvement in internal organ functions, it is then expected that the aging symptoms experienced by a patient will be greatly reduced, or possibly disappear all together, and that their external health appearance, mood, energy level, as well as in many cases, sexual drive will return. At the same time, by making the internal organs and systems biologically younger and more efficient, the stem cell therapy is also assisting in delaying the aging process and the onset of a potential degenerative disease, hence the use of the term rejuvenation or anti-aging therapy.

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stem cell therapy