Atrophic Gastritis and Autoimmune Thyroiditis ( Hashimoto thyroid ) stem cell therapy

Main danger of atrophic gastritis is not connected with change of acidity of gastric juice, it gives in to correction. Danger in other.
Atrophic gastritis has conventional, all medical community, the status of the provoker of a cancer of stomach at the person.

It is considered that the atrophy does not give in to full treatment and restoration.
However the correct medicamentous influence, observance of a diet, an exception of a diet
of some types of food, observance of other conditions,
considerably reduces risk of emergence of oncological processes. Concerning diagnostics, prevention
of atrophic gastritis, possible risk of development of oncological processes

Using of adult stem cells, especially mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), is becoming more realistic in any types of regeneration treatment.
MSCs can be isolated from bone marrow and other tissues, such as adipose tissue, blood.
For instance, rapid regeneration of tissues can be achieved after the transplantation of allogenic or autologous stem cells.

Second, the paracrine effect of adult stem cells can promote the progress of tissue healing.

Finally, adult stem cells can modulate the immune and inflammatory responses to promote damaged tissue healing.

As one of a complex set of auto-immune Autoimmune Thyroiditis , we found that Stem Cell Therapy administered intravenously
can be helpful in treating patients with auto-immune conditions and eliminating the symptoms of the disease.

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