Advances in Stem Cell Therapy training

With this stem cell therapy course you will learn about the characteristics and properties of stem cells, as well as the latest discoveries in the field.

Course plan
Chapter 1: General concepts in stem cell therapy
C1-1 What are Stem cells . Stem cell extraction and cultivation. Dosage.
C1-2 What defines the fate of stem cells ?
C1-3 Introduction to stem cell cultivation
C1-4 Stem cells molecular processes

Chapter 2: Tissue specific stem cells
C2-1 Intestinal stem cells
C2-2 Mesenchymal Stem Cells
C2-3 Introduction to Hematopoietic stem cells
C2-4 Origins of hematopoietic stem cells
C2-5 Tracking the journey of hematopoietic stem cells
C2-6 Neural Stem cells
C2-7 Skeletal muscle identity
C2-8 Skeletal muscle stem cell properties and ageing
C2-9 Deconstructing and reconstructing a satellite cell niche
C2-10 Heart regeneration
Chapter 3: Pluripotent stem cells
C3-1 Human pluripotent stem cell derivation
C3-2 What are the most common methods to generate iPSCs ?
C3-3 Specification and segregation of embryonic vs. extra-embryonic stem cells
C3-4 Differentiation of ADSC cells: the underlying mechanisms
C3-5 Derivation of embryonic stem cells
C3-6 Derivation of human embryonic stem cells
Chapter 4: Organoids
C4-1 Using ES cells to understand how cells build organisms
C4-2 Self-organization of embryonic organoids
Chapter 5: Stem cell applications
C5-1 Intestinal cancer stem cells
C5-2 The bioethics of stem cell research and therapy

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