Patient’s question – I have impaired function of internal organs due to operations and medication.
You can find my medical records attached.
What effects I can expect after stem cell treatment?

Answer: Your case is individual, as you have had a bad experience with traditional surgical methods. You were also taking serious medications.
since their metabolism is disturbed, the function (hopefully, not the structure) of the internal organs suffers, therefore, in this case, intravenous administration of a high concentration of stem cells will help restore the functions of organs and systems of damaged organs and tissues. Stem cells, being in the bloodstream, following the vessels to all organs, will independently determine where the problem is, by using cells signaling system . Stem cells will tend to where there is a violation.
This is the result of the treatment. In 2-3 months after the injections, you should have a stable improvement, restoration of the functioning of tissues and organs.
We simply increase the number of your own stem cells in millions of times using a laboratory method, and nature does everything by itself.

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