2018 cardiology conference

Medical conferences in Ukraine 2018-2019

Medical conferences in Ukraine 2018-2019   1) Congress of Oncologists and Radiologists 26-27 May, Kyiv,Ukraine https://nbscience.com/congress-of-oncologists-and-radiologists-26-27-may-kyivukraine/ 2)World Health Day 2018 07-08 April 2018, Kyiv,Ukraine https://nbscience.com/world-health-day-2016-07-08-april-2016-kyivukraine/   3)Current issues of cardiology 12 May 2018, Kyiv,Ukraine https://nbscience.com/current-issues-of-cardiologymedical-conference-12-may-2016-kyivukraine/ Read more…

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Stem Cells therapy

Conferences by Topics 2015,2016,2017

Conferences by topics 2015 Cardiology conferences Rheumatology conferences Family medicine conferences Geriatrics conferences Anesthesiology conferences Surgery conferences Traumatology conferences Neurology conferences Psychiatry conferences Oncology conferences Pediatrics conferences Urology conferences Emergency conferences Pathology conferences Pain conferences Pharmacology Read more…

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stem cell therapy