There are several types of facial stem cell rejuvenation treatments using your own stem cell-rich tissues.

We offer you:
eyelid correction,
correction of circles under the eyes,
filling deep nasolabial wrinkles,
correction of drooping corners of the mouth,
plastic surgery of scars and scars, etc.

Hand stem cell rejuvenation

By using your own stem cell-enriched tissue, we can restore your lost fullness to your hands, which results in a smoother surface and a rejuvenated skin.

Stem cells

A revolutionary innovation in plastic surgery, the enormous regenerative potential of stem cells can be harnessed.

We extract stem cells from blood using our own patented technology.
Then we enrich with these isolated stem cells. In this way, we get a stem cell-enriched drug that is used to rejuvenate the skin.
The procedure is completed by an experienced plastic surgeon injecting a prepared preparation of stem cells, natural for your body, into the target area.

Stem cells guarantee faster and more effective tissue engraftment in the area to which they were directed and help prevent the development of inflammation.

Method advantages
Advantages of the method – it passes quickly, painlessly, carefully and with minimal risk of complications.
Recovery after the procedure is faster

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