La Clinique de Paris, founded by renowned specialist Dr. Claude Chauchard, is a well-established European clinic. Claude Chauchard, La Clinique de Paris International, was brought to Taipei in 1993, where Dr. Chauchard introduced the anti-ageing concept

More than a decade later, Claude Chauchard has expanded throughout Asia, clinics spread out in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and similar clinics are to appear soon in Malaysia, Singapore and Shanghai. The Institute and the Claude Chauchard are part of the Europe-based Harmony Group, a holding company with interests in companies that are engaged in cancer research, preventive medicine and quality of life. As one of the world’s foremost and pioneer specialists in the field, he has helped tens of thousands in the last 30 years through a complete preventive and therapeutic anti-aging program.

He is an undisputed leader of Anti-aging medicine globally. Dr. Claude Chauchard also teaches nutraceutical nutrition at the University of Dijon and has written numerous books on the aging process, of which over one million copies have been sold in multiple languages. He also gives regular lectures and seminars in Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Monte Carlo, Rio De Janeiro, Geneva.

La Clinique de Paris specializes in the application of preventive medicine (the Live Longer Live Better Programme) and other medical treatments designed to combat the ageing process. Since our establishment nearly twenty years ago, our caring and competent hands have helped hundreds of thousands of people lead more dynamic lives.

A Preventive and Total Health Approach

We use only the best technology, techniques and systems available including state-of-the art French & Belgium laboratories and preventive anti-ageing treatments. The treatment does not merely promise a youthful look because a healthy appearance can only be supported by a physiological well-being. We are offering a preventive and total health approach. This explains why our clients age range starts from 27 years.

Our clients are those who seek to maintain their health and vitality in peak condition at all times.

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