Regarding quality control and control of contaminations.
It is very important question.

Unlike other  clinics, we are using ONLY pure embryonic stem cells.

Our biotechnology laboratory works in sterile conditions (GMP and GLP certifications).

At the moment, we have a panel of tests to detect serious pathogens like endogenous viruses, exogenous viruses and prions. This panel of tests include reverse transcriptase detection as a general test for retroviruses, electron microscopy that can detect different kinds of viral particles and characterize many unknown isolates present in cell cultures and molecular techniques like PCR (conventional or real-time) and RT-PCR tests to include all the viruses that we know pose a risk to the product.
For prion detection, we have a procedure based on the Western blot technology for the detection of antibodies (e.g. 6H4, 1E4) that can be present in the cell cultures.

Any testing performed carefully evaluated before accepting the reagents for use.



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Also we are using antibodies production tests (e.g. MAP, RAP, HAP) – most convenient procedures in addition to the evaluation by means of electron microscopy.

We are working in Good manufacturing practice (GMP) and Good laboratory practice ( GLP) certified facility ( you can see this on video)
and we are doing so under certified manufacturing conditions.

Our Stem Cells are the highest-quality cells of their kind publicly available

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