Clinical trials – Stem cells and Autism

Type of trialNumber and type of cells transplanted/sourceDurationPrimary outcomesReference
Autologous, open-label8.19 × 107 mononuclear cells/bone marrow26 monthsSafety Improvements in cognitive and social tasks Improvement in hypoperfused brain areas88
Allogenic, nonrandomized, open-label, single-center Phase I/II trial, combined transplantation2 × 106/kg mononuclear cells/cord blood and 1 × 106/kg mesenchymal stem cells/umbilical cord24 weeksSafety Improvements in stereotypic behaviors and lethargy/social withdrawal91
Allogenic, open-label, single center30 × 106/mL fetal stem cells/fetus12 monthsSafety Improvement in cognitive ability, behaviors, sociabilityImprovements in immune functions37
Autologous, randomized, blinded, placebo- controlledUmbilical cord24 weeksSafety No improvements in symptoms93
Autologous, Phase I, single-center, open-labelUmbilical cord12 monthsSafety Improvement in socialization, communication, and adaptive behavior94
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