Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Stem Cells Therapy in Ukraine

Stem cell therapy in Ukraine  results in several remarkable improvements in various symptoms of ADHD

stem cell in ukraine

Hyperactivity and engaging in stereotypical and repetitive motor mannerisms decrease significantly. Sensory and motor functioning improves. Improvements are seen in concentration and the attention span of their children. The overall improvements that are seen in patients after stem cell therapy are:

Reduction in self Decreased Motivation.

Avoidance of Activities Involving Sustained Focus.
Decreased Awareness of Consequences.
Improvement in Hyperactivity and Disorganisation.
Improvement in Frequent Talking.
Improvement in speech and communication skills
Improvement in Fidgeting.
Reduction in Fidgeting.

Case report 

C . is a 13 years old child with ADHD from USA, who first came to Kiev, Ukraine for stem cell therapy 2 years back. C.  was diagnosed to have ADHD, when she was 4 and a half years old. In US she received the best treatment as well as rehabilitation therapies available. However, for almost 5 years, parents did not find any improvement

After undergoing stem cell therapy she has shown remarkable improvements in perpetual and Cognitive skills, Hyperactivity and Disorganisation.

Her  social interaction and communications are better now. She has become communicative in activities of daily living.

All this has been possible only after stem cell therapy. C.’s life has changed for the better.

stem cell therapy