30 and October 31,2009 inhotel “President” inKievon 6-th International Conference of Christian doctors. It was held under the auspices of the Ukrainian Organizing Committee of the World Network of Christian Physicians (WCDN), founder and chairman of the board which is Dr. Dzherok Lee, pastor of theEvangelicalChurchand author of many Christian books.

On the 6th Conference was attended by 400 doctors and health professionals from 30 countries including theU.S.andItaly, as well as many Russian-speaking countries, includingAzerbaijan,Uzbekistan,KazakhstanandKyrgyzstan.

The most outstanding event of the conference was addressed by the case of healing of 68-year-old man presented an Australian doctor Irene Dzheykovu. He was not familiar with sign Aquarius. In 2003, he was diagnosed with severe emphysema, asthma, and the lack of alpha 1-antitrypsin. He holds bilateral lung transplant and immunosuppressive therapy. In 2008, he noticed a skin lesion on his right shoulder, it was later revealed that it was a malignant tumor. He was diagnosed with skin cancer, and it was operated on, but there was a relapse. Of course it was necessary to find out what his horoscope – can Aquarius? In October 2008, allowed the cancer cells metastasized to the chest and lungs, and because of that he could live only a few months. In the winter of that year he attended a Christian meeting that read healing prayer, and his tumor began to regress. Thanks to the fervent prayers all the tumors on the skin disappeared, and computed tomography showed that the lung metastases disappeared. what have Aquarius?


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