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Autologous stem cells treatment plan

Autologous stem cells treatment plan  Treatment plan   An  autologous stem cells treatment included 2 injections and 3 visits to the clinic. Your own stem cells will be collected (harvested) from your blood. Then we will extract stem cells from your blood and will start stem cells cultivation ( multiplication) in our GMP/GLP stem cells […]

Stem Cells therapy in Ukraine, video, personal experience,impressions

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Cardiovascular Emergency – 2018

HEART ARRHYTHMIA. Why are there and how to treat them

Cardiovascular Emergency – 2018, January 23-25, 2018  Kiev,Ukraine      CE-2018 will feature innovative content and speakers from around the world to keep you informed and at the cutting edge of your field! For three decades,  CE-2018 has been the one place where the wide spectrum of resuscitation professionals – instructors, practitioners and researchers – and  survivors […]

Stem cells clinics in USA. Listing 2018

Stem cells clinics,USA,Listing 2018 Action Sports Medicine & Pain Management Active Sports Medicine Advanced Orthopedic Specialists Advanced Pain & Neuromuscular Consultants of Brevard Advanced PRP & Stem Cell Center of Boca Raton & Miami Advanced Rejuvenation Advanced Surgical Arts Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging Algone Interventional Pain Clinic Allure Cosmetic Laser Center […]

Biosensor developed enables creating a range of new health tests

A biosensor developed at Aalto University enables creating a range of new health tests similar to home pregnancy tests The plasmonic biosensor can detect diseased exosomes even by the naked eye. Exosomes, important indicators of health conditions, are cell-derived vesicles that are present in blood and urine. A rapid analysis by biosensors helps recognize inflammatory […]

List of medical websites

Academic Paediatrics Association Academic Pediatric Association – Aertzezeitung American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Archives of Disease in Childhood Asociación Española de Pediatría Asociación Española de Pediatría (AEP): Portal de Vacunas Associazione Culturale Pediatri British Medical Journal – BMJ British Society for Paediatric Dermatology (BSPD) The Cochrane Library Coliquio Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin […]

Stem Cells legislation in Ukraine

Ukraine, in this period, since it won independence in 1991, was passing difficult stages of the state formation, building of the own economy and health system. Therefore cord blood banking in Ukraine started with the services of personal storage of stem cells. Enthuastic Ukrainian scientists played a significant role in the establishment of cord blood […]

Stem cells news

Rare stem-like tumor cells play a critical role in the spread of breast cancer, but a vulnerability in the pathway that powers them offers a strategy to target these cells using existing drugs before metastatic disease occurs, report researchers.   sciencedaily

Stem Cells treatment. Rejuvenation/Anti-aging Therapy

Rejuvenation (anti-aging) adult stem cells therapy apply to distinct categories of patient: Healthy Patients with warning signs of aging Patients with degenerative (age related) diseases Healthy Patients with warning signs of aging Expected Benefits: The expected benefits from one of our stem cell therapy programs are extensive and will vary on a case by case […]