clinical trials

Auditor, GCP

Auditor, GCP Responsibilities The GCP Auditor is responsible for quality assurance auditing of all activities subject to the, “ICH Good Clinical Practice: Consolidated Guideline,” (GCPs), supporting a program of quality assurance (QA) to ensure that AGN project data and summary statements are of known and documented quality. Summary of Responsibilities: Audit of Activities and Vendors […]

CRA certification

A Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is a profession defined by Good clinical practice guidelines (ICH GCP). The main function of a clinical research associate is to monitor clinical trials. He or she may work directly with the sponsor company of a clinical trial, as an independent freelancer or for a Contract Research Organization (CRO). A clinical research associate ensures compliance […]

Clinical Research Administrator

Responsibilities Duties: The Clinical Research Administrator reviews applications for research projects to ensure that protocols meet regulatory and ethical standards for the protection of human or animal subjects. Requirements Minimum Requirements: This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in a field directly related to the program responsibilities and one year of professional experience in clinical research […]