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Medical meetings in Ukraine

Today we have analyzed the popularity of medical conferences in Ukraine. sì, may be it’s not such popular conferences, but level of training of lecturers and level of knowledge gained at conferences in Kiev is very high. Also interested in the existence of various social programs organized by the company NBScience (interview with Leggi di più…

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Problemi di Ostetricia, Ginecologia e Riproduzione in condizioni moderne,conferenza medica, 22-23 settembre 2018 kyiv,Ucraina

Problemi di Ostetricia, Gynecology and Reproduction in modern conditions medical conference 22-23 settembre 2018, kyiv,Argomenti principali Ucraina: Gestione avanzata scienza di base attuali linee guida di gestione basate sull'evidenza & Education Imaging and Biomarkers Interventions Devices and Telemonitoring Leggi di più…

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