Adam Smith Conferences’

4th Annual International

Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Forum

17 – 19 October 2011, Intercontinental Hotel, Kyiv, Ukraine




• Maryna Buchma, External Relations Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ukraine

• Muralidharan Thrithala Kizhakekalam, Head of Representative Office,  Dr. Reddy’s

Laboratories Ukraine

• Mykhailo Pasichnyk, President, Pharmacy Professional Association Of Ukraine

• Natalia Takhtaulova,  Head of Division on Licensing  and Certification of Medicines

Manufacturing, State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Medicines of the Ministry of Health

of Ukraine

• Nataliya Kasyanova, General Director, Med-Service Group

• Oleg Siarkevych, Business Development Director, Member of the Board, Farmak

• Oleksandr Melnyk, General Director, Falbi

• Olexiy Solovyov, Chairman, State Administration of Ukraine for Medicinal Products

• Olga Baula, Consultant of Programs, Global Fund in Ukraine

• Representatives of the Management of the Healthcare Committee of the Verkhovna Rada

• Representatives of the Management of the Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee

• Sergey Orlyk, Marketing Manager, Berlin-Chemie

• Sergiy Siomka, Director Department of Customs Control and Clearance, State Customs Service

of Ukraine

• Sergiy Khodos, Director, Fra-М

• Serhiy Mykhaylov, Head of Clinical Operations, Pfizer

• Stanislav Dyachenko, Director, Nizhpharm STADA Rep. Office Ukraine

• Svetlana Zavidova, Executive Director, Association of Clinical Trials Organizations (ACTO)

• Tatiana Bakhteeva, Head of the Committee for Healthcare, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

• Tetiana Buts, Director, Euroapteka

• Tetiana Talaieva,  Deputy of Chairman,  Central Ethics Committee of Ministry of Health of


• Thamarai Pandian,  Head of Representative Office Ukraine & Eastern Europe, Unique

Pharmaceutical Laboratories

• Timur Bondaryev, Managing Partner, Arzinger

• Valentina Ocheretenko, Chair of the Board,  Ukrainian Union of Patients’ Orginizations

“Health of Nation”

• Valery Stetsiv, Director of the Department of the Regulatory Policy in the Sphere of Circulation

of Medicines and Products in the Healthcare System, Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine

• Vasyl Blikhar, General Director, State Expert Center MoH



• Vasyl Kornatskyi, Chairman, Central Ethics Committee of Ministry of Health of Ukraine

• Victor Serdiuk, President, All-Ukrainian Council for Patients Rights and Safety

• Viktor Pushkarev, Head of Region Russia, Ukraine and CIS, Orion Corporation, Finland

• Vitalii Usenko, Medical Director, Roche Ukraine

• Vladimir Dolot, Director, Municipal Health Insurance Fund of the City of Kyiv

• Vladimir Dudka, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Alba-Ukraine

• Vladimir Ignatov, Executive Director, AIPM Ukraine

• Volodymyr Lapshyn, Head of the  Сhildren’s Allergy and Immune Rehabilitation Department,

Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gyneacology at the NAMS of Ukraine

• Yevgen Sova, Commercial Director, Borschahivskiy Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant


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