Stem cell therapy. Description, cost, clinics
Stem cell treatment restores brain function, gives excellent results during transplantation, in the treatment of cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, oncology and many other diseases. Stem cell therapy is used both for rejuvenation and healing, and sometimes it can be the only way to save a life when no other treatment is working anymore.

Stem cells are used in Belarus, Germany, India, China, Czech Republic, Switzerland, as well as in other countries of Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand).

Stem cell therapy in Belarus
German Center for Cell Therapy (Germany)
CBC Health Clinic (Germany)
Clinic ReeLabs (India)
Puhua Clinic (China)
Stem cell laboratory and bank in Moscow (Russia)
Clinic Cellthera (Czech Republic)
Lehmann Clinic (Switzerland)
Kintaro Cells Power (Southeast Asia)
Gaia Advanced Stem Cells (Colombia)
There is also a laboratory and a stem cell bank in Moscow in Russia.

Stem Cell Treatable Diseases
Cerebral palsy
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease
Alzheimer’s disease
Muscle atrophy
Diseases of the nervous system
Diseases of the cardiovascular system
Orthopedic problems
Optic nerve atrophy
Diabetes treatment
Post-traumatic conditions
Cirrhosis of the liver
Arthrosis of all joints
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
and etc.
Fight aging
The essence of aging lies at the cellular level. The physiological function of cells and their ability to divide gradually decreases. Cell morphology is also subject to changes: a decrease in moisture, a thinning of the membrane, an increase in fragility. Ultimately, cellular aging is a process of gradual decline in cellular structure, components and functions.

Fresh stem cells fight aging at the cellular and molecular level, which leads to improved human health and an improved quality of life.

Rebuilding the immune system
The immune system is a physiological function of the body that helps to determine “foreign” and “self” components. The immune system acts as the body’s regulatory system, which affects the thymus, bone marrow, spleen, and systemic lymph nodes.

The immune system becomes weak in middle age, which leads to various diseases (infectious diseases, senile diseases (cardiovascular, cerebrovascular), diseases of the respiratory system, a tendency to cancer, etc.). And treatment with fresh stem cells is very effective for the immune system of the human body.

Thus, stem cell therapy is the simultaneous restoration of the immune system and the supply of young cells to the body.

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