标题: 公共卫生 – 2018

位置: 基辅,乌克兰
日期: 25 十月 2012- 26 十月 2018



报名套餐 包括 运输 ( 从到机场, 从到会议地点), 乌克兰语或俄语同时翻译成英语 , 参与证书 (英语) ,参加科学会议s, 会议资料, 参观展览和 10-30% 酒店住宿折扣.



(最后期限 – 二月 30, 2018)



Beginning of the registration — 09:30 上午.

Opening of the conference — 10:00 上午.


Plenary meeting


Opening part

• The role of radiological research in providing quality medical services to people in Ukraine

• Rational approach to equipping medical institutions with radiology equipment

• Ensuring quality X-ray as part of medical assistance for the population of Ukraine

• Ensuring quality radionuclide diagnostics as part of medical assistance for the population of Ukraine

• Burning issues: maintenance of radiological equipment (

• On preparation of medical physicists and specialists in engineering for radiology field in Ukraine

12:30-13:00 打破


Meeting on licensing of activities in using the sources of ionized beams in medical radiology



Meeting of deputy heads of departments of technical higher institutions where the representatives of companies-manufacturers of radiological equipment will take part as well as companies engaged in service maintenance of radiology equipment. 学科: Preparation of specialists in engineering for medical radiology (



Medical services market in Ukraine. Legal aspects

Standards of treatment. Interrelations 之间 official and private healthcare

  • Review of the medical services market in Ukraine
  • Legal collisions of private healthcare market: the license terms, rights and powers of the market players
  • Medical institution — doctor — patient relationship. Rules of relationships and responsibility
  • Governmental and private medicine — partnership and competition. The role of commercial medicine in healthcare reform
  • Legal aspects of public-private partnerships and their benefits for private clinics
  • The path of reforming and development of private medicine in Poland




The FIRST international congress

PreventiON. Anti-aging. ukraine


Congress Opening Ceremony



抗衰老 – a new philosophy of preventive medicine
• Anti-aging strategies in modern medicine.
• Hormonal continuum of aging and its possible slowdown. 博士
• Diagnostic programs in anti-aging medicine.
• New knowledge about life in harmony with the genome and environment give longevity. 教授. O.
• Accelerated aging: psychosomatic embodiment of self-destructive behavior.
• Aging of skeletal system: prevention possibilities.
• Anti-aging approaches in modern aesthetic medicine.
• Possibilities of pharmaceutical care to geriatric patients.

Cardiovascular risk: the role of primary prevention
• The concept of risk factors in primary cardiovascular prevention
• Environmental medicine.
• Possibilities of SCORE scale using in Ukraine.
• Arterial hypertension as a factor of cardiovascular risk: possibilities of control.
• Multifocal atherosclerosis: prevention and treatment.
• Overweight managementfrom diet to surgery.
• Alpha and Omega of the primary cardiovascular prevention.

The notion of quality of life in the concept of psychosomatics
• Quality of Life: possibilities of assessment and control during chronic diseases.
• Psychological aspects of quality of life.
• Modern rating scales of quality of life in cardiology.
• Civilization diseases: the ratio of quality of life and longevity.
• Symptoms control and quality of life in cardiology: the place of surgery. P
• Psycho-cardiologic preoperative management of patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery
• Gender aspect of quality of life.


Presentation of the book “121 ways how to live 121 years and longer …”
• Advancing the Anti-aging Medical Model Worldwide:
• Ukrainian edition of the book “121 ways how to live 121 years and longer …”an effective instrument of public education on healthy lifestyl

• Gender medicine in the concept of anti-aging.
• Chronic diseases’ prevention as the concept of socially responsible pharmaceutical company.

WorkshopRhythm control in atrial fibrillationgeneral-practice

Strategies of aesthetic medicine in the concept of Anti-Aging

• Onychodystrophy: clinical presentation and differential diagnosis.
• Medical peelings: from local to anti-aging action. Pr
• Modern approaches to men skin aging prevention. 中号
• Hair loss in dermatologist’s and cosmetologist’s practice.
• Photo-protection in the context of preventive medicine.
• Comparison aspects of clinical display of various types of skin scars and its treatment strateg

Diabetes and metabolic syndrome as multidisciplinary diseases
• Cardiovascular riskcalculation and control features during diabetes.
• Optimization of hypolipidemic therapy in patients with diabetes
• Erectile dysfunction in patients with diabetes.
• Metabolic syndromecardiological and endocrinological approaches.
• Advanced dialogue: education of a patient with diabetes (the role of medical and patient organizations).


RoundtablePossibilities of vitamin prevention during pregnancy”: discussion of obstetrician-gynecologists, neonatologists, 科学家们, organizers of public health.

Prevention concept in Sport medicine
• Safety and effectiveness of physical training: what an average person should know?
• Monitoring of safety features in sports competitions.
• Doping problem in sports medicine.
• Screening examination of athletes.
• Cardiovascular compensation during intensive physical exercises.



Acute cardiovascular developments: possibilities of secondary prevention
• Possibilities of secondary prevention of cardiovascular developments in patients with atherosclerosis.
• Treatment of ventricular arrhythmias.
• Prevention features of cardiovascular complications in diabetic patients.
• Hypertension treatment in patients with diabetes
• Primary prevention of strokes.
• Metabolism in the myocardium: realities of therapeutic correction.
• Aggressive hypolipidemic therapy in secondary cardiovascular prevention.
• Organoprotection in hypertensive patients – what a practicing therapist should know.
• Nephroprotection in patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis.



Musculoskeletal system diseases: from controlling symptoms to age aspects
• Osteoporosis in Ukraine: epidemiology of the epidemic.
• Modern prevention strategies of osteoporosis.
• Osteoarthritistherapy that modifies the course of diseases.
• Quality lifestyle of patients with rheumatic diseases: the importance of biological therapy.
• The syndrome of chronic pain in geriatrics.

Treatment and prevention of infectious diseases
• Viral hepatitis.
• TORCH-infections in pregnant women.
• Meningitisdifferential diagnosis, treatment principles.
• Cytomegalovirus infection or Epstein-Barr virus. [R.

Theoretical and practical dialogueBioethics and Law
• Legal issues of prevention and anti-aging.
• Bioethics: gender and age.





13:00-13:20 15-year experience in embolization of fallopian arteries in Ukraine (

13:20-13:40 Innovative methods of treating inflammatory diseases by the direct transportation of antibiotics.

13:40-14:00 Application of phytomedicines as part of the complex treatment of infectious somatic and chronic diseases

14:00-14:30 问题, discussion




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