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London, United KingdomW1A 6US

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NBScience is a leading full-service CROspecializes in stem cells research,

clinical trial management, medical conference organization,

GCP, GDPGMP certification and audit, data management,

pharma consulting and medical writing services.

For pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drug, and medical device

companies of all sizes around the worldNBScience can help you transform

promising ideas into commercial reality.

Representative offices:

           1)  Europe ( United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, 意大利, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Poland):

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          2) Asia (中国,Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam):
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          3) Middle East (Saudi Arabia,Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman,                Turkey):
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          4) 日本:
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          5) 美国 , Australia , Mexico and Canada:
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          6) Africa:
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