These programmes are designed to meet the requirements for a Flight Crew position with a European Airline. Upon graduation, you will be qualified with at least an EASA CPL with ATPL theory  and additional qualifications both FAA & EASA, depending on which course you choose.  Our Guaranteed Programme provide pure EASA qualfications and you will graduate with a EASA CPL and IR with ATPL theory (This is what other schools mistakenly call a Frozen ATPL – in reality there is no licence called a Frozen ATPL) and MCC.

The 3 options below indicate exactly which licences and ratings you will obtain and confirms the cost and the number of hours flown for each.

Our EASA Fast Track Programme is highly recommended and is by far EFT’s most popular programme. It reduces your overall costs and we do not underestimate how important this is for many. It also gives greater flexibility during training, reduces the time taken to get qualified, and ultimately gives you a more broad experience which ultimately makes you a better more rounded pilot.

Prices are based on staying in our accommodation for the course duration.

Our start dates are as follows :

Please bear in mind the courses tend to fill around 4 months in advance – so plan ahead!