Current Problems of Mental Health

conferenza medica
15-16 settembre 2018, Kiev,Ucraina

Descrizione della conferenza
Argomenti principali:
Psychiatric patients nel mondo
Mental healh in medical practice
The situation in mental health psychotropic drugs
Mind and Ecology
number of mental disorders among victims of the Chernobyl disaster
Alcohol and drugs
Reform in psychiatry
use of atypical antipsychotics in psychiatry of late life
schizophrenic young depression
affective disorders
Treatment of psychiatric and neurological diseases
Methodical recommendations on the use of atypical antipsychotics
Drug interactions
Waiver of taking psychotropic drugsinherent right

Affective disorders in drug dependence




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settembre 15
Opening Іnstitute of neurology and psychіatry
10.00 – 13.00 10.00 – 13.00 FIRST SESSION

Regulation of reports – 15 minutes
Adictive status and method of its estimation Maruta NA, Linskyy IV
Health of adolescents and youths according to preventive surveillance Chernobrovkina TV, MV Ibragimova, Sattorov RS
New forms of dependence Samura Boris IK
Use of psychotherapeutic techniques in the treatment of patients with dependence on medicinesMikhailov BV
Use of atypical antipsychotics in psychiatry of late life FDA approved for use in the treatment of schizophrenia.Tsubera A., Kiev
Results of epidemiological examinations of organized youth about alcohol and tobacco Mink OI, Zadorozhny PV, Shamray VG, Zadorozhny AP, Zadorozhna TK
Encoding, programming Don ID, Don SL, Don DA
Some problems of the use of emotional-stress psychotherapy Zilberblat GM, Voytyuk H.I, Trombovetskyy AM (Kiev)
Coffee Break
Presentation of books in the seriesThe disciples of Dr. Robert O. DovzhenkoAbramov EM
13.45 – 17.00 SECOND SESSION
Sedia ? Artemchuk AP, Vorobiev TM, Zadorozhny PV, Kozhina GM, Linskyy IV, Maruta NA, Ovcharenko MO Dementia Evolution narcodanger assessments and prevention strategies of drug addiction in Russia Karpov AM
Relief of craving for alcohol Mink OI
Bipolar affective disorder and alcohol. New treatment options co-morbide pathology Linskyy IA
Combined use of plasmapheresis and hepatoprotectors flow in treatment of drug users, co-morbide with chronic hepatitis C MO Ovcharenko, IK Samura Boris, l. Pinsky, T. M. Radchenko
Trattamento di psychiatric and neurological diseases . New lines treatment.Tsubera A., Kiev
New prolonhy injection for the treatment of dependence on alcohol and drugs Sobetov BG, Zayarniuk NL, Gass VB, Gass RS, Novikov VP , Musienko GA
Description and reason adyktive disorders: study of therapeutic approaches Artemchuk AP
The current state of the problem depends on nicotine, effective therapies Andrukhiv GP
Expanding drug therapy opium withdrawal syndrome Samoilova OS
Nootropics role in the stabilization of therapeutic remissions in persons dependent on psychoactive substances Markozova LM
Features responses to stress in modern terms, the possibility of correction Bogdanov IV
Hepatoprotectors effectiveness in the treatment of alcohol dependence Shalashov VV
Using modern hepatoprotectors in the complex treatment of withdrawal syndrome with delirium Yurchenko NP
Problem of correlation between etiologic factors of acute psychosis in persons dependent on alcohol Kuzminov VN
settembre 16
10.00 – 14.00 THIRD SESSION
Sedia ? Babyuk IA, Bacherikov AM Berchenko OH, Havenko VL, Gaponov KD, Reminyak VI, IV Tsyba
Regulation of reports – 10 minutes

Methods of examination of teenagers who use psychoactive substances Babyuk IA
Methodical recommendations on the use of atypical antipsychotics Tsubera A., Kiev
The results of epidemiological studies adyktyvnoho status of adolescents Ponomarev VI, Havenko VL, Linskyy IV
Psychotherapeutic correction dependent behavior of persons with psychosomatic disorders Korostiv VI
Conceptual model of the modified complex method of short-term psychotherapy on patients with alcoholism for example stresopsyhoterapiyi OR Dovzhenko Don ID, Don SL, Don DA
The urgency of studying adyktive behavior in patients with affective disorders Shalashova IV
Experience with domestic combined prolonhu dysulfyrame and naltrexone (naltetlong) in the treatment of states depending Sobetov BG, Musienko GA, SV Goltsova
Dynamics of self-assessment of functional status in patients with alcohol dependence in the formation of therapeutic remission and in clinical cases with recidive Skvira IM
Definition adictive status of individuals who are in hospital in the metropolis Hospitals Gaponov KD, Chubarov LM, Lomino GM, Locksmith VV, Holoschapov VV, Litvinenko VV, Holynkina EV, Samoilenko VJ, Dyuzhenko M . M. Pustovalov IA
Stresoterapy already integrated correction adictive status Musienko GA
The role of personal factors in the clinic depending on the treatment of alcohol by the method of recursive Dovzhenko Zakrevskii OP, Tsyba IV, Kobets OM, Medvedev AV, Kononenko E.I, Ryabtsev AS , Kononenko I.
Drug interactions in narcological practice.Tsubera A., Kiev
Adictivemixtin practice of narcologist Koroshnychenko DM, KV Aymedov
The level of creatinine excretion as a marker of alcohol abuse form Zadorozhny VV, Kutykov OE, Aborneva LI
As to the prerequisites of chronic alcoholic paranoidal in patients who have committed socially dangerous actions difficult VI Melnik, Melnik, AV
The main objectives and means of training individuals with drug addiction from alcohol to stresopsyhoterapy by the method of O. Dovzhenko R. Artemchuk OA
Prediction of the primary alcohol withdrawal syndrome with delirium Heheshko VV
Antidepressants and its role in new line treatment.Tsubera A., Kiev
Phased system of complex treatment of alcohol dependence Zhyvotovska LV, MV mortgages
The quality of therapeutic remissions in patients with alcohol dependence in the treatment of anticonvulsants Chugai SD
The effectiveness of combination therapy ANTI alcohol dependence syndrome Baranenko OV
Comprehensive diagnosis of opioid dependence using phonoscopic characteristics of language that sounds Mink OO
Features of alcohol dependence with addiction co-morbide Vyhlazova OV
Features history and physical examination data of military personnel, redundant, independent of alcohol Haydabrus AV
The system of psycho-correction to improve the Compliance of patients with alcohol dependence Forest NM
Changes in quality of life of persons dependent on alcohol, prolonged use of sensitizing drugs Artemchuk KA
Adictive status of patients with schizophrenia Yurchenko OM
The role of the blockade of opiate receptors of different duration in the prevention of relapse in patients dependent on opioids AC Avramenko,
Psychopathology of parents as a risk factor depending on opioids in their children. Friends OV

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