General impression of stem cell technology in medicine.

Doctors are more or less understood distinctive features of different types of stem cells,
but sometimes there are either new doctors, or their patients want to understand sources of stem cells, potential side effects
and methods of administration for certain diseases.

Stem cell clinics expand their presence in areas where they have not previously worked.
Government regulators and organizations through scientific media and video from conferences and personal interviews of professors strongly cast doubt on the whole technology of terapia con células madre , thanks to the negative reviews of patients used stem cells services in not trustable clinics and negative or indifferent results of human clinical trials.

It is very important to understand that high-quality tratamiento con células madret can only be in certified clinics, which use high-quality stem cells in certain dosages.

It is important to ask clinics a lot of questions before choosing a place for tratamiento con células madre:

1. What are the key control steps to eliminate mutations in stem cell cultures?

2. From where your embryonic cells come from? ( source?)

3. Where are the labs that grow cells? If not in the same buildinghow do you guarantee the quality of transportation and is there any certification of the quality of stem cell cultivation?

4. Are there any scientific publications issued by your institution that confirm positive effect of treatment?

5. How many patients have already been treated and for how many years of your work in the field of terapia con células madre?



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