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Stem Cells anti-aging therapies involve only the use of autologous stem cells (propias células madre de los pacientes) recogido por procedimiento de mini liposucción.

The adipose tissue is sent to the laboratory in Zurich, Suiza. The cells are then prepared in a GMP clean room facility (authorized by the regulatory body) and delivered to the physician.

Terapia con células madre

The principle of these therapies, supported by scientific evidence, that our own stem cells, properly collected, processed and transported, can rejuvenate or even regenerate our tissues.

Opción 1 : The patient undergoes a mini liposuction by the plastic surgeon, then the adipose tissue (100-150 gr.) Is transported to the GMP-facility in Zurich, Switzerland where cells will then be processed to extract them from the tissue.

2-3 days visit.

Opción 2: 20g fat tissue liposuction. Need just 20g of fat taken on an outpatient basis, and in the following two to three weeks we are able to obtain the quantity of mesenchymal stem cells we require depending on the treatment to be carried out. 2 visits, 21 days interval.

The resulting cell fraction is called stromal vascular fraction (y otras células madre se han aplicado en la reparación del daño del cartílago clínico con resultados satisfactorios) and contains up to 30% of mesenchymal stem cells.

After extraction the SVF (4 horas) is transported back to the doctor in an appropriate formulation where the cells will then be re-injected in the treated area.

Stem cells sit beneath the existing cells in the skin tissue and divide in the tissue itself, rendering it more vital and thus helping it to stay younger. *

Stem cells can secrete factors that predispose the surrounding cells to divide so as to keep the skin younger. *

This procedure slows down the degenerative effects of aging. *

Stem cells re-injected in the tissue can act in two main ways: primero, by dividing and regenerating the aged tissue and secondly by secreting factors that help the surrounding cells to regenerate the tissue. *

For aesthetic use, the benefits are skin rejuvenation. When these cells are used for other purposes like cartilage regeneration they are supposed to have the same effect in damaged cartilages, regenerating the tissue where they have been implanted. *

  • The information, pictures and results of the treatments shown on these pages are only an illustration and the outcomes may vary from individual to individual and therefore can not be guaranteed. Any possible result forecast may only be performed following a specialist medical examination with a check of the condition and indication of any correct treatment.

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terapia con células madre