Investor contacts in health / stem cells therapy field needed for funding of medical clinic.

Our Stem Cells technology has achieved recent CLINICAL SUCCESS.

$550k needed for novel Stem Cells clinic.

2-page white paper / 10-page investor deck is complete and professionally done.

Extremely strong science and over 15 years in stem cells medicine.

An extremely rare opportunity for a new Stem Cells technology solving an unmet need in a multi-billion dollar space.


Serious Investors are currently being sought for investment discussions with a trusted, UK-based, clinical research company looking to raise capital for continued research into a very promising areas.
Confidentiality is assured, and any interested parties would be invited to sign a confidentiality agreement before being shown data about the project.

Please email NBScience limited at the addresses below, who will put any interested parties directly in touch with this unique clinical research company.


Karen Williams (Investor Relations Director):

About NBScience:

Established in the year 2004, NBScience limited is one of the leading organizers of medical conferences on a global basis. The main office of this premier UK based company is located in London. Backed y a strong and competent team, this company produces some of the most focused and perfectly executed conferences around the world.

Establecido en 2004, NBScience is headquartered in London, Reino Unido

with seven branch offices worldwide specializes in regulatory affairs,

gestión de ensayos clínicos, organización de la conferencia médica, investigación clínica,

GCP, PIB, GMP certificación y auditoría, gestión de datos,

servicios de consultoría farmacéutica y redacción médica.

Para productos farmacéuticos, biotecnología, droga generica, y dispositivo médico

empresas de todos los tamaños en todo el mundo, NBScience puede ayudarte a transformarte

prometedoras ideas en realidad comercial.


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