Dr. Werner Gielsdorf

Management Consulting

  • More than twenty years of experience in almost all areas of the pharmaceutical industry ranging from R & D through production to marketing and distribution
  • Experience in advising national Authorities in the healthcare sector on policies, regulatory/legislative issues, and effective administration
  • Founding of a Centre of Excellence for the regional Pharmaceutical Industry and Regulatory Authorities
  • Internationally experienced in consulting on GCP, GLP and GPP, including monitoring and auditing of clinical studies
  • Development of sector policy recommendations for national pharmaceutical industries on the basis of comparative surveys
  • Business development into new markets and/or market segments
  • Extensive knowledge of the business environment in Central and Eastern European countries, in particular the pharmaceutical industries and the healthcare systems
  • Developing business plans (incl. financial and marketing plans) for companies and public organisations
  • Developing privatization/restructuring strategies for previously state-owned chemical and pharmaceutical companies
  • Restructuring of pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesaling/distribution firms


a3 GCP consulting
Allan Johansen has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 años, the last 14 years as international GCP auditor conducting 180+ audits (approx 100 as lead and 90 in the Asia-Pacific region) en 35 countries on 6 continents, between 1999 y 2011 as Site Head and Team Manager at the clinical quality assurance department at Roche’s affiliate in Australia, responsible for and covering the Asia Pacific Region, gaining extensive experience in GCP training & auditing in this region.
Dr. Allan K. Johansen, Queensland, Australia
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