New methods of diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerosis prevention. 医学会议

日期: 十一月 14

Epidemiology of Atherosclerosis
Aetiology and Pathophysiology of Atherosclerosis
Genetics and Pharmacogenomics
Associated Risk Factors and Atherosclerosis
Target Organ Damage
Diagnostic Procedures
Clinical Trials on Atherosclerosis
Drug Treatment
Resistant Hypertension
Hypertensive Emergencies
Secondary Hypertension
Integrated Treatment in Special Conditions
Pharmacoeconomical and Cost-Benefit Aspect
Metabolic Syndrome
Gender Difference in Atherosclerosis
Atherosclerosis and the Kidney
Atherosclerosis and the Heart
Atherosclerosis  and the Brain
Atherosclerosis and Fundoscopy
Compliance to Treatment

Call for abstracts

The late abstract should contain newly achieved scientific work and results. The abstract has to be one full page (size A4, 210 x 297 mm) plus 1 到 3 explanatory pages with more detailed information about the work.
The abstract written in English and single spaced should include:

  • Applicable topic
  • Full title
  • Full name, affiliation, 地址, phone/fax/e-mail of one author for all correspondence
  • For all other co-authors, full name, affiliation and e-mail
  • Short introductive summary (approx. 1,000 characters) for publication in the Programme Planner
  • Purpose of the work
  • Approach
  • Scientific innovation and relevance
  • Results and Conclusions

For questions concerning abstracts, please contact:

Ms. Kristina

The attendees of this event will get a chance to take part in:

  • master class on modern instrumental methods of diagnostics of rheumatic diseases- ultrasounds, 核磁共振成像, osseo densitometry.
  • master class on increasing effective drug treatment of patients with rheumatic diseases.


注册套餐 includes 参与证书 (英语) ,participation in scientific sessions, 会议资料, visit to the exhibition and 10-30% discount for accomodation in hotel.


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