Current aspects of practical neurology.
19-21 九月 2018

Cerebrovascular diseases
Pain syndromes
– 帕金森病

– 7 unique meeting formats
– 11 hours of training from leading experts
Innovative technologies for clinical analytical
Training in the selection of unbiased medical information for clinical practice
A competition of young neurologists
A symposium with a double accreditation – 6 certificates
An unprecedented cultural and entertainment program

1. “Rational use of thrombolytic and anticoagulant therapy for cardiovascular disease,”
4. “The molecular basis of neurodegenerative diseases,”
8. “A View from the operating table to the problems of vascular disease,”
2. “Differential treatment of hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage,”
6. “Peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment of stroke in young adults,”
7. “Heterogeneous ischemic stroke in children,”
8. “Correction of mitochondrial dysfunction in patients with acute brain damage,”
1. “Primary prevention of stroke: analysis of a clinical case,”
2. “Tactical nuances of antithrombotic therapy in secondary prevention of stroke,”
3. “Primary and secondary prevention of stroke. Current trends. Gender differences
8. “Place of statins in stroke prevention,”
10. “Endothelial dysfunction: a practical need to know the doctor?”
3. “Recovery of cognitive function in chronic hyperglycemia,”
Psychoemotional disturbances in neurological practice

4. “Current approaches to the treatment of depression in neurological practice,”
7. “Chronic fatigue syndrome: Myth or Reality?”
2. “Diabetic neuropathy. At the junction of the specialties
3. “氧化应激. Criteria for the diagnosis and treatment
7. “Protecting the damaged brain in acute traumatic brain injury,”

Innovative Technologies in Angiology
1. “Spinal Stroke: Diagnosis and Treatment”,
2. “Dizzy in the structure of cognitive impairment. Current approaches to diagnosis and therapy, ”
3. “Anxiety disorders. Panic attacks. Modern therapy

4. “Atorvastatin is in terms of evidence-based medicine in the prevention of cardiovascular events,”
2. “Medical rehabilitation of patients after stroke,”
2. “Ways of correcting violations of coordination in patients after ischemic stroke,”
5. “A differentiated approach to the treatment of vertigo
1. “Recent clinical and therapeutic aspects dorsalgia


2. “Neuroprotective correction of pathogenetic mechanisms of ischemic stroke,”
3. “Drug therapy in acute ischemic stroke and the quality of life of patients within a year after the
7. “Rehabilitation in neurology and neurosurgery: principles of organization, implementation and development perspectives
11. ‘Double standards in Angiology: inertia and skepticism, ”

2. “Pain in therapeutic practice. Criteria for selection of pain medication, ”
3. “The treatment of back pain and especially the use of NSAIDs. Experience of using Arkoksii
4. “Pain in the back,”
8. “Antioxidant therapy in the treatment of pain,”
9. “Peculiarities of clinical diagnosis of vertebral and neurological syndromes
10. “Anticonvulsants in the pharmacotherapy of neurogenic pain syndromes,”
Possibilities of cholinergic therapy in the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases

1. “Gliatilin. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, ”
3. “The therapeutic correction of the oxidant-antioxidant homeostasis in cerebrovascular disease,”
4. “Correction of the cholinergic deficit in distsirkulyatornoy encephalopathy
5. “Neuroprotection in the complex pathogenetic therapy of diseases Parkisona,”
6. “Neuroprotective therapy in the recovery period of treatment of traumatic brain disease and stroke,”
7. “The place of the universal cerebroprotector in the treatment of chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency
8. “Comparison of ionizing discirculatory encephalopathies and in atherosclerotic lesions,”
9. “Topical issues of a comprehensive approach to treatment and prevention effects of closed head and neck trauma vertebral,”
10. “Differential approach to treatment of autonomic dysfunction in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia,”
11. “Modern views on the activity of nicergoline tserebrovazoprotektivnoy. Looking pharmacologist
12. “Innovative projectthe introduction of new technology of the biological product from a sea of ??raw materials for the prevention and treatment of cerebral arteriosclerosis

13. “Effectiveness of Actovegin in complex rehabilitation treatment of patients with oculomotor disturbances, operated on for neurosurgical vascular disease,”
14. “Complex instrumental and laboratory monitoring of patients with ischemic stroke after undergoing carotid endarterectomy,”
15. “Venous Encephalopathy,”
2. “Cerebro-cardiac features of formation of cardioembolic strokes and ways of their correction,”
4. “The initial forms of chronic cerebrovascular disease. Diagnostic criteria, the prognostic significance of
9. “Electromyographic manifestations of hereditary traits of extrapyramidal disease in relatives of patients with Parkinson’s disease

10. ‘The role of the endogenous cannabinoid system in the control of pain, ”
1. “Pain. Clinical and pathogenetic aspects

5. “Complex pathogenetic therapy of Parkinson’s disease,”
6. “Migraine and stroke,”
7. “Diagnosis of vestibular dysfunction in neurological patients,”
8. “Peculiarities of the clinical polymorphism of acute epileptic seizures,”
2. “Neuroinfection in children,”
3. “Prevention of recurrent stroke against the herpes and enterovirus infection
4. “Neuroinfection. Treatment of herpes infection
5. “Stroke in HIV,”
Multiple sclerosis and Neurodegenerative diseases

1. “Quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis: what can be changed?”
2. “Individualized approach to treating multiple sclerosis
3. “Sensitivity and specificity of evoked potentials in the diagnosis of demyelinating diseases,”
4. “Secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis severe form in children and approaches to therapy,”
5. “The therapeutic possibilities of treatment of multiple sclerosis, new approaches,”
6. “Features active demyelinating process in multiple sclerosis patients and ways to correct it,” K
7. “Efferent therapy methods in treatment of autoimmune demyelinating disease of the nervous system,” p
8. “Diagnosis and modern treatment of autoimmune polyneuropathy,”
1. “Modern aspects of treatment of epilepsy
2. “Topical issues of Epileptology. The efficacy and safety, ”
3. “The complication of traumatic brain injuryEpilepsy. Own experience, ”
4. “Pharmacological approaches to the choice of drug monotherapy epilepsy
5. “Genetic performance criteria valproate in patients with epilepsy
6. “The devastating form of epilepsy in children,”
7. “The problem of epileptic encephalopathies neyrometabolicheskih children
1. “头痛: problems of diagnosis and therapy
2. “The treatment of migraine. Results of the study, ”
3. “Zolmitriptan in terms of evidence-based medicine
4. “Vertebrogenic causes of headache, migraine, dizziness. Diagnosis and treatment, ”
1. “Neuroplasticity in diseases and injuries of the nervous system: current understanding, identification, modulation, long-term projects,”
3. “Drugs and GABA neyromidin in rehabilitation of patients after ischemic stroke,”
4. “Current approaches to the staged rehabilitation of patients with stroke

1. “Problems of the pathogenesis of alcoholic neuropathy and myopathy. Approaches to treatment, ”
2. “The new issue of treatment of polyneuropathy
3. “The treatment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. How to reduce the loss? ”
4. “New in the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy

8. “Restless legs syndrome as a multidisciplinary problem
1. “The role of multimodal evoked potentials in neurological practice: Present and Future


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