CANCER – 2021

日期: 四月 25, 2021


This meeting will serve as a valuable forum for the presentation
and discussion of newly available data across various
 malignancies including all cancers.
 Participants will be provided with updates on practice-changing data
 in a practical and interactive format, fostering discussion,
 and impacting clinical outcomes for patients.


日 1 – Optimising Clinical Development in Oncology

    • Targeted therapies in clinical development; antibody, vaccines & cell-based therapies
  • Overcoming the mechanisms of cancer drug resistance
  • Co-development of combined oncology therapies
  • Identifying appropriate clinical endpoints
  • Strategies to reach critical go/no-go decisions earlier
  • Novel technologies for imaging in drug development
  • Pharmacovigilance & patient safety
  • Integrating biomarkers in clinical development & trials

日 2 —— Operational Challenges of Oncology Clinical Trials

    • Establishing the correct trial population; emerging markets, global trials
  • Adaptive clinical trial design
  • Appropriate site selection
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Clinical trial management
  • Patient recruitment and retention strategies
  • Successfully maintaining CRO relationships
  • Effective use of clinical data & eClinical solutions

Call for abstracts

Deadline for submission: 10/09/2020

The late abstract should contain newly achieved scientific work and results. The abstract has to be one full page (size A4, 210 X 297 mm) plus 1 到 3 explanatory pages with more detailed information about the work.

  • 适用题目
  • 全称
  • 全名, 联系, 地址, 所有通信的一位作者的电话/传真/电子邮件
  • 对于所有其他合著者, 全名, 隶属关系和电子邮件
  • 简短的介绍性摘要 (大约. 1,000 人物) for publication in the Programme Planner
  • 工作目的
  • 方法
  • 科学创新和相关性
  • 结果和结论

关于摘要的问题, 请联系:

多发性硬化症. Kristina Zadorina

The attendees of this event will get a chance to take part in:

  • master class on modern instrumental methods of diagnostics of rheumatic diseases- ultrasounds, 核磁共振, osseo densitometry.
  • master class on increasing effective drug treatment of patients with rheumatic diseases.


注册包 包括 参与证书 (英语) ,参加科学会议秒, 会议资料, 参观展览和 10-30% 酒店住宿折扣.



(deadline – November 01, 2020)

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