Can I do embryonic stem cell therapy ? Will it affect after treatment ?I have uterine myoma and ovarian cyst.

Stem cells can be used in different areas of obstetrics and gynecology. Main stem cells function in tissue homeostasis and repair.

Stem cells have been used to set up therapeutic strategies for the treatment of gynecological formations such as myomas and cysts.

Stem cells contribute to tissue repair mechanisms in different maternal organs.
Transplanted cells may improve function by local engraftment, trophic factors, or modulation of inflammation.

值得注意的是, there is great interest in regeneration of aged or damaged tissues specific to the female anatomy and lower urinary tract
via stem cell based technologies.
在人类中, damaged tissues are generally replaced by continuous recruitment and differentiation from stem cells in the body.

然而, the body’s ability for regeneration is reduced with aging.

Current approaches for tissue regeneration include transplantation of embryonic stem cells.
Because of their property of self-renewal, large amounts of cells can be produced for transplantation.

We recommend high Pure Embryo Stem Cells (PESC TM) dosage – 50 000 000 / infusion.

Stem cell therapy for tissue regeneration in obstetrics and gynecology very effective thechnology.




从我们的干细胞治疗项目之一的预期收益是广泛的,根据患者的干细胞注射的时间条件按个别情况会有所不同. 虽然在一般, 一旦干细胞在病人体内注入, 预计注入的干细胞,将有助于再生和病人的主要内部器官和组织的振兴,以及协助盘活体干细胞. 在主要器官如肝功能的振兴和改进, 心, 和肾脏以及关键系统,如血液和淋巴系统会反过来帮助时光倒流,使身体更高效地运行. 随着内部器官的功能显着改善, 那么预计患者经历的衰老症状会大大降低, 或可能消失一起, 而其外部的健康美观, 心情, 能级, 以及在许多情况下,, 性欲会返回. 同时, 通过使内部的器官和系统生物学上更年轻,更高效, 干细胞疗法也有助于延缓衰老和潜在的退行性疾病的发作, 因此,使用“复兴”一词或 抗衰老疗法.

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