标题: Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases medical conference

位置: 基辅,乌克兰

描述: Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases

开始日期: 2012-10-20

开始时间: 09:00

结束日期: 2012-10-21

End Time: 18:00


Spine Pain



• Treatment by biological agents in rheumatology: foreign and domestic experience .

• Problems of cardiovascular system in patients with rheumatic diseases.

• Approaches to the use of glucocorticoids and NSAIDs in rheumatic diseases.

• Problems of osteoporosis in rheumatic diseases.

• Orthopedic problems in rheumatology.

• Issues in Pediatric cardiorheumatology.

• Modern aspects of diagnosis and pharmacotherapy of systemic connective tissue diseases.





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- 20


09.10-09.30 Plenary report:

Rheumatology in Ukraine: the evolution of attitudes and actions

最后 20 年份


Modern aspects of genetically? 工程

biologics in rheumatology

RAMS Academician EL Nasonov (莫斯科, -)

10.00-11.00 UKRAINIAN- Polish Forum

The fundamental approach to the use of drugs

biological effects (experience in Poland and Ukraine)

1. Standard therapy of rheumatoid arthritis based on recommendations

EULAR VM Kovalenko (乌克兰)

2. Practical use of biological therapy in Poland

V. Tlustochovych (波兰)

3. Cardiovascular disease in patients with rheumatoid

-: 流行病学, pathophysiology and prevention

Ë. Kuhazh (波兰)


Innovative pharmacological technologies in Rheumatology

椅子: Academician NAMN Ukraine

教授. V. 科瓦连科

1. New approaches to therapy in rheumatology: the benefits of

immunological drugs and the prevention of complications

OB Yaremenko (基辅)

2. Modern standards for diagnosis and treatment of juvenile

idiopathic arthritis

Ĵ. Ë. Boyko (基辅)

12.00-12.30 Basic research REPORT:

The use of methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis:

new data

RAMS Academician EL Nasonov (莫斯科, -)

12.30-13.30 BREAK

13.30-14.00 LECTURE:

Early rheumatoid arthritis: 现代方法

to treatment

NM Shuba (基辅)

14.00-14.45 Parallel Sessions:

疼痛: the optimal choice of pharmacotherapy

参与者: 教授. 乙. Yaremenko,

Professor AM Hnylorybov, MD G. Protsenko

1. Safety of NSAIDs (etorykoksyb in rheumatic pain: 安全

from the heart- vascular system)

OB Yaremenko (基辅)

2. The effectiveness of NSAIDs as a primary criterion for selection

AM Hnylorybov (顿涅茨克)

3. Central sensytyzatsiya: a new vision approach to the choice of therapy

G. Protsenko (基辅)

14.45-15.15 Panel discussion:

骨质疏松: possible effects of pharmacotherapy

on bone formation and prevention


Participants NAMN Ukraine academician Prof. V. 科瓦连科,

Professor AP Bortkiewicz, MD NV Grigorieva

15.15-16.45 Plenary session:




1. The trend of modern vertebrology

Korzh (哈尔科夫)

2. Active metabolites of vitamin D3 in Orthopaedics and Traumatology:


Dedukh NV (哈尔科夫)

3. The mechanism of instability component of the endoprosthesis

Korzh, V. Filippenko (哈尔科夫)

4. Features orthopedic treatment of patients with rheumatoid


-. Gerasimenko (基辅)

5. Features prosthetic knee joint in patients

with rheumatoid arthritis

MV Polulyakh (基辅)

6. Orthopaedic treatment of lesions of the knee joint in patients

with rheumatoid arthritis

AM Babko (基辅)

16.45-17.15 VIEW professionals:

Psoriatic arthritis:

effectiveness of therapy by means of non-biological basis

1. 临床- Laboratory study opportunities

optimization of non-biological treatment of psoriatic arthritis

basic means

OB Yaremenko, DL Fedkov (基辅)

2. Evaluation of treatment of patients with psoriatic arthritis

一世. Oleinik (哈尔科夫)

17.15-17.45 practical experience DOCTOR:

Napivselektyvni NSAIDs: is the lost positions?

TA Kovhanych (基辅)



14:00-17:30 全会

Children and teenagers cardiorheumatology – 当前

problem of modern medicine


1. Issues in Pediatric cardiorheumatology

AP Volosovets (基辅)

2. Rheumatic diseases in children in the third millennium

VG Maidannyk, NM Kuhta, 大号. Glebova, MV Khaytovych (基辅)

3. Peculiarities of clinical manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus

in children and adolescents

一世. Lebets (哈尔科夫)

4. Features of Reiter’s disease in children

GS Senatorova, MO Gonchar, AI Strashok, 一世. Minkov, G. [R. Muratov,

一个. Pushkar (哈尔科夫)

5. Condition imunohormonalnoyi regulation in patients with juvenile


中号. Kaladze, 一个. Sobolev (辛菲罗波尔)

6. Influence hryazolikuvannya level of proinflammatory cytokines

and indicators of proteolysis in children with juvenile


TF Golubov, AI Garmash, 大号. Ali (Evpatoria)

7. Synkopalni states of cardiovascular origin in children

NV Nagorny, 一个. Wheat, 该. Bordyuhova, ñ. chetverik,

NM Konopko (顿涅茨克)

8. Evaluation of ECG in phase space as a screening method for early

diagnosis of myocardial metabolic abnormalities in children

with rheumatic diseases

OA Oshlyanska, LI Omelchenko, IA Tchaikovsky (基辅)

9. Basic principles of treatment of osteoarthritis in teens

ñ. 舍甫琴科 (基辅)

10. Characterization and correction of cardiac disorders in children with

with bronchial asthma (临床? experimental study)

中号. Kaladze, ML Babak (辛菲罗波尔)

11. Features microelement homeostasis in children

with osteopenic syndrome

Ť. Frolov, AV Ohapkina, OV Kononenko (哈尔科夫)

12. Primary hypertension in children and adolescents: 当前


VG Maidannyk, MV Khaytovych (基辅)

13. Pathogenetic mechanisms of development and diagnostic aspects

hypotension in children

V. Buriak, [R. F. Makhmutov (顿涅茨克)

- 21


9.00-9.30 据专家介绍:

持续时间, efficacy and safety of therapy

inflammation in rheumatology

OI Ivashkivskyy (基辅)

9.30-11.00 ROUNDTABLE:

诊断, management and therapy of spondylitis

椅子: Academician Professor NAMN Ukraine V. 科瓦连科,

Professor N. Shub, PhD S. H. Ter? Vartanyan,

PhD TA Kovhanych, PhD G. 一个. Skorokhod

11.00-11.45 Satellite Symposium:

Glucocorticoids? Induced osteoporosis

椅子: Professor N. Shub, 教授. P. Bortkiewicz

1. Pathogenesis of glucocorticoids? Induced osteoporosis: modern

approaches to diagnosis and treatment

NM Shuba (基辅)

2. Basic therapy of osteoporosis: alphacalcidol or vitamin D?

AP Bortkiewicz (基辅)

Presentation guidelines: “Glucocorticoids?

induced osteoporosis: 预防, 诊断和治疗 ”

NM Shuba (基辅

11.45-14.30 Plenary session:

Systemic connective tissue diseases: what’s new in


Presidency: Professor N. Shub, Professor GI Lysenko,

Professor A. Svintsitskyi

1. Current approaches to diagnosis and treatment of SLE

NM Shuba (基辅)

2. Ankylosing spondylitis: problems of diagnosis


一个. Svintsitskyi (基辅)

3. Features of the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis in patients with rheumatoid


Ť. Talayeva (基辅)

4. The feasibility of the use of statins in patients with rheumatoid

arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus

GI Lysenko, LV Himion (基辅)

5. Peculiarities in the course leykoklastychnoho vasculitis:

algorithm for treatment

GP Kuzmin (克里沃罗格)

6. Modern approaches to the laboratory and instrumental diagnostic


IJ Golovach (基辅)

7. 纤维肌痛: what’s new in treatment?

MA Stanislavchuk (文尼察)

8. Control of rheumatic diseases in pregnancy

SI Smiyan (捷尔诺波尔)

9. Micro- RNA: importance in the pathogenesis, the regulation of inflammation and therapy

rheumatic diseases

AM Hnylorybov (顿涅茨克)

10. Clinical features of esophageal diseases among

patients rheumatological profile

中号. Bychkov (利沃夫)

11. Erosive- Destructive lesions of the articular apparatus in

early rheumatoid arthritis: approaches to forecasting


DG Rekalov (基辅)




Organization- Major methodological meeting of experts

Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Ukraine’s leading experts NAMN and

Ukraine Rheumatologists Association

Participants akademikNAMN Ukraine Professor V. 科瓦连科,

Acad. NAMN Ukraine Professor GV Dzyak, Professor N. Shub,

教授. Korzh, 教授. P. Volosovets,

Professor V. Povorozniuk, Professor SI Gerasimenko,

Professor AP Bortkiewicz


9.00-9.30 圆桌会议:

-- Dependent musculoskeletal pathology? Motor system:

ensure the quality of life of patients

Participants NAMN Ukraine academician Prof. V. 科瓦连科

(基辅), Professor N. Toroptsova (莫斯科, -)

Professor AP Bortkiewicz (基辅)

11.15-12.00 MASTER- CLASS:

The use of bone densitometry in the diagnosis


AV Smirnov (-)

12.00-14.00 训练:

GCP- Research in rheumatology (证明


参与者: 教授. 中号. Kornatskyy (基辅)

Professor T. Talayeva (基辅)


15.00-15.30 Adoption of a resolution

Closing Ceremony, awarding certificates




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