Anti-Radiation Manufacturer produces the substance and produces ready-made products as well as a unique medicines for space, nuclear, and chemical industries in accordance with the requirements of international quality standards (良好生产规范) and a long history of work does not have any complaints on quality.


The complex prevention and treatment of radiation sickness

The unique experience gained over decades has allowed our scientists to create a wide range of drugs prevention and treatment of radiation injury.
Drug prevention of radiation injury is aimed at blocking the ingress of radioactive substances into the body and reduce the impact of radiation on tissues and organs.
The specificity of radiation injury prevention implies the existence of specific drugs directly where possible exposure to radiation and is related to the effectiveness of their action.
Significant radiation damage causes the development of acute radiation sickness (ARS), which represents a complex pathology, accompanied by a number of symptoms:
Nausea and uncontrollable vomiting;
Haemorrhagic syndrome (increased bleeding);
The formation of erosions and ulcers of radiation;
The development of malignant neoplasms in the background of significant decrease of specific and general immunity.

In addition to the specific indication for use of most drugs of this group of clinically confirmed, and found its way into the general medical practice of oncology and surgery to obstetrics and gynecology.


Instructions for use of the drug Amben

价格 – 3,60 Euro

International nonproprietary name: no

Chemical Name: para-acid aminometilbenzoynaya

Pharmaceutical form and dosage: a solution for intravenous injection of 10 毫克 / 毫升

描述: colorless clear liquid

Pharmacological properties

Amben relates to inhibitors of fibrinolysis, a synthetic analogue of lysine. By its action is similar to epsilon-aminocaproic acid, but it is much more efficient. Specific hemostatic effect Ambena bleeding caused by increased fibrinolysis due to the blockade of plasminogen activators and a partial inhibition of plasmin effect. Amben inhibits fibrinolysis, competitively saturating lysine-binding receptors, through which, and plasminogen (plasmin) binds to fibrinogen (fibrin). The drug inhibits the polypeptides and biogenic-kinin.
Amben increases detoxifying liver function, inhibits the antibody.
For internal administration the maximum concentration of drug in the blood is determined immediately after injection and stored up to 3 小时. Amben displayed by the kidneys in 60% -80% intact. In case of violation of renal excretory function Ambena concentration in the blood increases significantly.

Indications for Use

The state of in which the system develops hyperfibrinolysis (overdose of plasminogen activators: streptokinase, urokinase, ETC。);

With a decrease in the ability to form hemostatic clot (在
violation of procoagulant, platelet or vascular component of hemostasis);

In localized haemorrhage due to increased local fibrinolytic activity (after tonsillectomy, prostatic surgery, 膀胱,

With surgery and various pathologic processes with increased fibrinolytic activity of blood, brain surgery (including, with subarachnoid hemorrhage), operations on the lungs, 心, 血管, thyroid and pancreas, and after dental procedures, and premature detachment normally situated placenta, prolonged retention in the uterus stillbirth, uterine bleeding, acute pancreatitis, liver disease, nasal, gastrointestinal bleeding.

Prevention of secondary fibrinopenia with massive transfusions of preserved blood.


Tendency to thrombosis and thromboembolic disease, hypersensitivity, giperkoagulyatsionnaya phase of DIC, bleeding into the vitreous, severe coronary heart disease and cerebral ischemia, renal diseases with the violation of their function, pregnancy and lactation.
Be wary of disorders of cerebral circulation!

Dosage and administration

Injected intravenously in doses of 50-100 毫克 (5-10 mL of 10 毫克 / 毫升).
If necessary, administration can be repeated many times at intervals of not less than 4 小时. Fibrinolysis in acute additionally administered fibrinogen and fibrinolytic activity of blood monitoring and maintenance of its fibrinogen. The maximum single dose of 100 毫克 (10 ml of 10 毫克 / 毫升). Total (daily) dose and duration of treatment depend on the disease.

Side effect

From the digestive system: vomiting and diarrhea.

From the CCC: increase or decrease blood pressure, tachycardia.

Local reactions: thrombophlebitis at the injection site.

Allergic reactions.

Other: renal colic, catarrhal conditions of the upper respiratory tract.

In some cases, there is dizziness, orthostatic hypotension, convulsions. This should reduce the dose or stop medicine.


An overdose of the drug is extremely rare and is characterized by increased blood clotting. In case of overdose should snutrivennoe heparin at a dose of 5000 IU and / or removal of the drug.

Interaction with other medicinal products

The simultaneous use of large doses of Ambena and other hemostatic tools (eg etamzilata) may lead to the formation of blood clots, on the one hand, by increasing the formation of fibrin under the influence of haemostatics, and on the other hand, due to slow dissolution of blood clots forming in view of antiplazminovogo Ambena.


Use of the drug requires verification of fibrinolytic activity and blood fibrinogen levels.When intravenous coagulation should be monitored, particularly in coronary artery disease after myocardial infarction, liver disease, ri.

Introduction Ambena can be combined with the introduction of hydrolysates, especially glucose, antishock solutions. Fibrinolysis in acute additionally administered fibrinogen (mean dose of the last – 2 – 4 g, 最大限度 – 8 g).

Product type

Solution for intravenous injection of 10 毫克 / ml in 5 ml ampoules. For 5 vials of Valium packaging from PVC film. At 2 stripes package along with instructions for use in a stack of cardboard boxed.

Storage conditions

In the dark place at temperatures not above 25 ° C, the reach of children.

Expiration date

3 年. Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the packaging.

价格 – 13 EuroBrand name drugs: pentatsina
International nonproprietary name: Calcium Trisodium pentetat
(Calcium trisodium pentetate*)
Dosage form: 5% solution for injection
描述: is a colorless transparent liquid
Product: 5% solution for injection in vials of 5 ml ampoules in a package po10.
Secondary packaging is protected by a hologram.
In accidents at radiation-hazardous objects and acts of terrorism using radioactive (“dirty bombs”), radionuclides enter the body with air, water, food. To remove radionuclides from the body using the drug pentatsina that outputs from the tissues of the body fission products of uranium isotopes of yttrium, cerium, zirconium, and other heavy metals.

Ferrocine ® (Ferrocinum) – Antidote
价格- 10,00 Euro

Ferrocine ® (Ferrocinum) antidote
Brand name: ferrocine ®
International nonproprietary name: Potassium-iron hexacyanoferrate
Dosage form: tablets and powder for oral
描述: Dark blue fine powder.
Tablets in dark blue with white highlights.
Tablets 500 毫克, 10 pieces in blisters. 1 blisters in a pack of cardboard.

In accidents at radiation-hazardous objects and acts of terrorism using radioactive (“dirty bombs”), radionuclides enter the body with air, water, food. To remove radionuclides from the body using the drug ferrocine ®, which derives from the gastrointestinal tract up to 99% of radioactive cesium and rubidium.

Price -Trade name: B-190
描述: The tablets are round, biconvex, white or white with a cream shade.
Form: 10 tablets of 0.15 g in blisters.
Radiation accidents professionals involved in the aftermath of the accident, and some people may be irradiated in an absolutely lethal dose.The drug D-190 provides life-saving 9 的 10 irradiated in an absolutely lethal dose, to date, it is the most effective radiation protectors in the world.

Taking the drug almost healthy, both at rest and under conditions of moderate physical activity, causes a number of characteristic effects, the main ones are: pilomotornaya reaction (“gooseflesh”); parastezii in the face, scalp and upper body;slowing the heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The drug has a vasoconstrictor effect, increases krovonapolnenie spleen and kidney.

These pharmacodynamic effects expressed at rest is greater than the load, and they occur in the first minutes after injection, reaching a maximum by 5 – 30 minutes, and disappear in most cases in an hour and a half after treatment.
B-190, possessing spasmolytic activity, inhibits the motility of the intestines and reduces the tone, prevents the development of diarrhea, does not possess hyperglycemic properties, has no bronchodilatory effect.

Indications for Use

B-190 is used as a prophylactic radioprotective agent in otherwise healthy people in emergency situations and emergency situations when predicting doses that cause the development of acute radiation sickness.

Death after max.radiation:

1) Without radioprotector – 100%

2) Amifostin(Ethiol) 美国 – 25 %

3) Cistamin – 42 %

4) B-190 – 8 %

Potassium iodide (Potassium iodide) – radioprotector

价格 – 100 mcg #50 – 2,00 Euro
International nonproprietary name: Potassium iodide
Dosage form: tablets

In accidents at radiation-hazardous objects hitting the main component of the emissions is radioactive iodine. When inhaled iodine is accumulated in the thyroid gland and destroys it, and provokes the development of thyroid cancer.

Potassium iodidewith timely application completely protects the thyroid gland from accumulating radioactive iodine.



GemostopTMhaemostatic sterile

Gemostopequivalent of QuikClot

价格 -20,00 Euro

Medical productsMeans hemostatic dressingsGemostopTMsterileis designed to stop external bleeding of varying intensity, including the damage to major blood vessels. Can be used for emergency medical and first aid for bleeding wounds and damage to blood vessels in the hospital to stop bleeding from parenchymatous organs with the ineffectiveness of conventional methods of hemostasis.

GemostopTM can be used in clinical, outpatient, and home field.

GemostopTM is derived zeolite NaCaAX, having a high absorbing ability. Hemostatic effect is based on the rapid absorption. Upon contact with the blood absorbed a large amount of water relative to weight and volume of the drug, which leads to the local concentration of cell protein and the major components of blood (including clotting factors), which in turn induces the formation of blood convolution. 此外, the surface potential of the zeolite promotes activation of coagulation factor XII and platelets. GemostopTM also contains calcium, which is a cofactor in many levels of the coagulation cascade. When you use the product easily fills the cavity of the wound, not fixed to the tissues, is not absorbed after application can be easily removed by mechanical means.

GemostopTM used by sleeping powder into the wound directly to the source of bleeding. Container must be open immediately before use, the product can not be reused. In the tightness of packing the product for use not suitable for fast vlagonasyscheniya powder. Re-sterilization is not possible.

After filling the cavity of the wound on top of powder necessary to impose a cotton-gauze bandage or folded into several layers (to prevent formation of burns due to the heat), and to carry out manual compression for 5-7 min. 在那之后, if bleeding swab to fix the bandage tours (compressive bandage is applied.) Appropriate to immobilize the injured limb to reduce the risk of rebleeding. The absence of good hemostasis is shown re-compression for 3-5 minutes, then if the bleeding continues, you need to overlay hemostatic tourniquet.

Latran ® (Latranum) – antiemetic

价格- 20,00 Euro
Brand name drugs: Latran ®
International nonproprietary name: ondansetron
Dosage forms: solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection;
film-coated tablets
Description of solution: colorless or almost colorless clear liquid.
Tablets: tablets, coated tablets, yellow color.
Form: solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection of 2 毫克 / ml in ampoules of 2 和 4 毫升. At 1, 2 或者 5 vials of cellular packaging films of polyvinyl chloride. One stripes package along with instructions for use in a stack of cardboard. Film-coated tablets, 4 毫克. 2, 4 或者 10 tablets in blisters. One blisters containing 10 tablets, along with instructions for use in a stack of cardboard. 2 或者 4 tablets in plastic canisters. 0.4 kg (4000 units) 或者 0.8 kg (8,000 shares) in banks orange glass. 包装, banks and outline a package containing 2 或者 4 tablets, intended for special purposes.
Secondary packaging is protected by a hologram.
Latran ®a highly effective antiemetic drug. Reliably relieves nausea of ??any etiology, including during chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer. Reduces fear and anxiety, relieves alcohol syndrome. Undergone clinical trials at leading cancer hospitals .

This drug is included in the list of drugs to ensure additional drug (pill) and the list of vital and essential drugs (approved by a governmental decree dated March 29, 2007 N 376-p) (injectable form, tablets).

Before applying please read the instructions.


Lioksazin ®sterile
* The active ingredient LIOKSAZIN ® – 2-alliloksietanol shown to be highly effective in eliminating the consequences of the Chernobyl accident

Medical productsdressing, Burns, sterileLioksazinpresented in the form of wipes -Lioksazin SP “, hydrogels -Lioksazin-Gel “和” D-Gel Lioksazindesigned for first aid, sun radiation and thermal burns as well as for treatment of burns of different etiology and granulating wounds, including low-intensity, for removal of inflammatory skin diseases, as well as to handle the bite of insects.

• Fast eliminate pain

· Bacteriostatic action

· Reduces the treatment of burn wounds

· Safe and easy to use

Lioksazin-SP based on hydroxypropyl cellulose with the immobilized 2 – alliloksietanolom * and lidocaine on a napkin.

Used for burns, I-II degree, including solar radiation and: immediately after the onsetto handle the affected area, 后 6 hours to repeat the processing of the affected area, then every 1 every day until epithelialization. Insect bites: treat the bite.

Lioksazin-based gel of hydroxypropylcellulose with immobilized 2 – alliloksietanolom * and lidocaine in gel form.

Used for burns, I-IIIA degree, including solar radiation and: immediately after the occurrenceapply gel to a sterile gauze, to treat the affected area, 后 6 hours to repeat the processing of the affected area, then every 1 every day until wound healing. Insect bites: treat the bite.

Lioksazin D-gel-based hydroxypropyl cellulose with the immobilized 2 – alliloksietanolom *, and lidocaine in a gel dezoksinatom.

It is used to treat burns I-IIIA degree, including solar radiation and: immediately after the occurrenceapply gel to a sterile gauze, to treat the affected area, 后 6 hours to repeat the processing of the affected area, then every 1 every day until wound healing.

Treatment of granulating wounds of any etiology: Apply the gel on a sterile gauze, to treat the affected area, apply 3-4 times daily on the day.

The mechanism of action is based on the improvement of microcirculation vessels of the dermis by preventing the spasm of arteries early deep vascular plexus of the skin, weakening of the pathological afferent lesions arising in the ionizing radiation, burns of any cause, the acceleration of reparative processes in the wound (D-Gel Lioksazin) enhance the growth of granulation and epithelium. Antimicrobial activity associated with growth retardation of the microflora in the wound.

Meksifin ®an antioxidant antihypoxant, cytoprotector

价格- 5毫升 #5 10 Euro

Brand name drugs: Meksifin ®
International nonproprietary name: Etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate
描述: A colorless or slightly colored, clear liquid

Product: A solution of 50 毫克 / ml for intravenous and intramuscular injection in vials of 2 和 5 毫升, 5 vials in the package (for ampoules of 5 毫升) 和 10 vials in a package (for vials of 2 和 5 毫升)
Meksifin ®highest quality with no preservatives or stabilizers!

Meksifin ®a high quality and effective antioxidant and neuroprotective antihypoxant.The drug is a new generation.

Meksifin ® is effectively used:
• in the treatment of acute cerebral circulatory disorders;
• in the treatment of distsirkulyatornoy encephalopathy;
• when the vegetative-vascular dystonia;
• when mild cognitive disorders of different origin;
• when the impact of extreme factors;
• when the acute intoxication with ethanol, and antipsychotics;
• when relieving withdrawal symptoms with prevalence of neurosis and vegetative-vascular disorders.
Meksifin ® has all the pharmacological properties Etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate, but at the same time it also has significant differences from other products containing this active substance:

1. Meksifin ® does not contain any stabilizers or preservatives

The preparation Meksifin ® is only etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate and water for injection. Other analogs include metabisulfite (disulfide) of sodium (preservative E 223), or stabilizer disodium edetate (Trilon B).

2. The highest quality

Meksifin ® is made from the finest domestic substance.

Safety is ensured and guaranteed by the standards of production technology GMP, no preservatives, high quality product, resulting in side effects when using Meksifin ® appear very rarely, the drug has very low toxicity.

Proved the effectiveness of long-term experience of successful applications in many fields of medicine and guaranteed high quality product.

3. Compatible with all infusion solutions and other drugs

Meksifin ® does not contain auxiliary chemicals and therefore compatible with almost all the infusion solutions and drugs used in the treatment of vascular disease.

4. The possibility of high-dose

Meksifin ® does not contain any harmful preservatives and stabilizers, so you can safely use a high therapeutic dose (1000 mg or more).

5. A wide range of dosages

2 ml ampoules № 10 – 100 mg Etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate vial
5 ml ampoules № 5 – 250 mg Etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate vial
5 ml ampoules № 10 – 250 mg Etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate vial

6. Price of the drug lower than the counterparts

The average cost of treatment (5000 mg per course) during treatment with 5 ml Meksifin ® number 10 in the box on 40 – 50% lower compared to peers.

7. Meksifin ® bottled in clear glass vials

If the solution is in clear glass vials, you can see its color or color changes during storage. Meksifin ® bottled in clear glass vials, as we believe as a drug and that it will not change its color during storage.

Other preparationsanalogues packaged into vials and glass of orange color to see a solution or change it in storage (ie, decomposition of the active substance and the loss of pharmacological activity) is impossible.

Moxonidine (Moxonidine) – antihypertensive

价格 – 400 mcg,#14 – 10 Euro

Brand name: moxonidine
International Nonproprietary Name (INN): moxonidine
Pharmaceutical form and dosage: tablets, coated tablets, 0.2 毫克
描述: The film-coated tablets, round, biconvex, nearly white

Moxonidinethe first domestic SELECTIVE imidazoline receptor agonists

duration of antihypertensive action of more than 24 hours1
reduces resistance to insulin and improves carbohydrate obmen2
good perenosimost3 5
can be combined with other antihypertensive preparatami4

Moxonidine treatment recommendations and standards:
Recommendations All-Russian Scientific Society of Cardiology (GFCF) for the treatment of hypertension, 2007
GFCF recommendations for the treatment of patients with metabolic syndrome, 2007
European guidelines for the treatment of hypertension (ESH), 2003

Serotonin (Serotonin) – serotonergic agent

价格 – 从 8, 20 Euro

Brand name: Serotonin
International Nonproprietary Name (INN): 不
Pharmaceutical form: solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection
描述: colorless or slightly colored clear solution with a slight smell of hydrogen sulphide
Form: solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection of 10 毫克 / ml in 1 ml ampoule, 5 ampoules in blisters, blisters a stack of cardboard in. Secondary packaging is protected by a hologram.
Serotoninafter surgery with intravenous injection of fast (“Trainspotting”) normalizes motility of smooth muscles of internal organs, prevents the development of paresis of the intestine, and significantly reduces internal bleeding. Has no cumulative effect.





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