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Obtaining functioning thyroid tissue from stem cells can help in the treatment of patients who suffer from a deficiency of thyroid hormones, due to a disruption in her work or abnormal development.

It was shown that thyroid function can be restored ny using terapia con cellule staminali even after it is completely destroyed.


Tuttavia, for full-fledged functioning such cells need a three-dimensional organization in specific structuresfollicles, in which the hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine are synthesized.

It is noteworthy that the cells of the thyroid gland, obtained from cellule staminali, spontaneously grouped into follicles.

The next stage was the study of the functioning of the obtained follicles in vivo, as well as the possibility, with their help, of treating hypothyroidism.


As in all studies on regenerative medicine, the main stage is the adaptation of the results to human therapy,” says French-Constant. “Perhaps we will use the latest developments of a group of Japanese scientists led by Shinya Yamanaka, marked by the Nobel Prize: the successful reprogramming of skin cells into pluripotent stem cells (induced pluripotent stem cellsiPSs) that can differentiate into a variety of stem cell types.

It is possible to use iPS stem cells from patients with hypothyroidism to treat this disease.

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