Metodo di trattamento del mal di schiena utilizzando cellule staminali.

Mal di schiena: Nine ways to prevent back pain

Il metodo conferisce flessibilità alla colonna vertebrale e svolge il ruolo di ammortizzatore. È il danno a questi dischi che è la causa più comune di dolore alla colonna vertebrale, di cui soffrono milioni di persone. According to this technique, cellule staminali adulte (cellule staminali mesenchimali – MSC) are used for the regeneration of intervertebral discs. These cells are capable of differentiation into various types of cells, including cells of cartilage, bone and muscle tissue.

Since stem cells will be obtained from the patient’s own cells, can not be afraid of the immune rejection reaction, the danger of which always exists when transplanting the donor material. The stem cell-based material will be injected into the patient. Such stem cells treatment will allow the patient to return home on the day of the procedure. The injected stem cells will continue to differentiate into cells of the desired tissue, which will eliminate the cause of the disease and the associated pains in the spine.

Attualmente, pain in the lower spine is treated with pain medication, physiotherapy and surgery. In some cases, to remove pain, the intervertebral disks must be removed, as a result of which several vertebrae merge and mobility in this part of the spine is lost.
But all these methods do not affect the causes of the disease, so the success of treatment can not be complete.

Stem cells therapy is now the only hope for a truly complete cure of diseases associated with the destruction of intervertebral disc tissue

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terapia con cellule staminali