agosto 16-19, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


The transition from the estimated funding agencies to finance public-sector services



24-27 agosto 2018 ~St Petersburg,


Accounting autonomous institution



agosto 22-25, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Reforming public institutions: the legal, financial and organizational issues



settembre 2018 ~MoscowManege

Russian Forum

Health of the Nationthe basis of prosperity of Russia



settembre 5-9, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Entrepreneurship fiscal health facilities in terms of reforming the



settembre 5-9, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,

Public Seminar Training

Dossier production site (File principale del sito)

Practice-based approach to


settembre 7-10, 2018 ~Moscow

International Conference and Scientific and Practical School

New horizons in the treatment of cancer gastrointestinal stromal tumors



settembre 8-10, 2018 ~Sochi

Sci-business program and the associated exposure

The medical director of the XXI century


settembre 8-10, 2018 ~Sochi

All-Russian Scientific and Practical Seminar

The reproductive potential ofRussia. Versions and kontraversii

for obstetricians and maternity services managers


settembre 12-15, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Enforcement actions and verification of health



settembre 12-16, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Nachmeda role in the health facilities and health policy-making institutions



settembre 15-16, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,

IV-th Saint-Petersburg International Festival of Medical Research

Physicianpharmacist – paziente




settembre 19-23, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Features of state orders in the light of the Federal Law № 94-FZ




settembre 19-23, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


The current and new arrangements for medical examinations and the examination of professional fitness workers




settembre 19-23, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Examination of temporary disability




settembre 19-23, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Examination of the quality of care




settembre 19-23, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Staffing in health care



settembre 27-30, 2018 ~Moscow, Crocus Expo

XII All-Russian Scientific Forum


XIII International specialized exhibitionHealth of Mother and Child


settembre 28-29, 2018 ~Chelyabinsk, business hotelParkCity

Exit plenum Noghri

New diagnostic technology treatment of digestive diseases for physicians and gastroenterologists

Part-time thematic cycle of Postgraduate Education


28 – settembre 29, 2018 ~Ryazan, Congress HotelForum

Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference

Diagnosis and treatment of anemia in the XXI century


ottobre 6-7, 2018 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

IX Scientific Conference

Infectious diseases and antimicrobial agents


ottobre 6-7, 2018 ~Moscow, I-st ​​MGMU

Scientific-practical conferenceworkshop with international participation

The test isdissolutionin the pharmaceutical field

Current approaches, concepts and biopharmaceutical aspects



ottobre 8-10, 2018 ~Novosibirsk, House of Scientists

II International Scientific Conference

Post-genome analysis techniques in biology, laboratory and clinical medicine


ottobre 11-12, 2018 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding


Dermatovenereology and Beauty: a synthesis of science and practice


ottobre 17-21, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


The organization of the diagnostic laboratory (the quality of laboratory diagnostics through quality control)




ottobre 18-21, 2018 ~Moscow, Crocus Expo

VI All-Russian Congress of the Russian Association of Professional Ultrasound in Medicine


24-29 ottobre 2018 ~Germany

International Exhibition of ingredients, ed errori., intermediate products and auxiliary products for the pharmaceutical industry

CPhI Worldwide



ottobre 27-29, 2018 ~Sochi

Specialized Exhibition

Spa Medicine


More ..

ottobre 27-29, 2018Sochi

XII Exhibition

EXPOMED – 2018


More ..

novembre 3-4, 2018 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

V Scientific Conference

Modern Hematology. Problems and Solutions


novembre 8-11, 2018 ~Moscow, NTsAGiP

Hormone-associated over-eases: from new research activi-rd to the single proton of kolam

All-Russian Conference with international participation of Gynaecological Endocrinology and Menopause


novembre 16-18, 2018~Kazan

All-Russian Scientific and Practical Seminar

The reproductive potential ofRussia:Kazanreading

for obstetricians and maternity services managers


ottobre 20-21, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,

Conferenze mediche giugno

III-e Vinogradov Readings

HIV infection and immunosuppressiona commitment to treatment and HIV farmakorezistentnost


novembre 22-25, 2018~Moscow, NTsAGiP

IV All-Russian Congress

Anesthesia and resuscitation in obstetrics and neonatology



novembre 23-24, 2018 ~Moscow, GC “Izmailovo

All-Russian scientific-practical conference

Current issues in pediatric rehabilitation



novembre 23-24, 2018~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

V Scientific Conference

Endocrinological aspects of pediatric



dicembre 2018 ~Moscow

All-Russian scientific-practical conference

Society, state, and medicine for the elderly


8th Global Forum


Clinical Research in Cardiology



dicembre 4-7, 2018 ~Irkutsk, SibEkspoTSentr

XVIII Exhibition

Sibzdravoohranenie. Dentistry 2011


A joint course for young doctors and specialists in related fields of gastroenterology

Digestive diseases and early diagnosis of cancer in the metabolic syndrome



dicembre 6-8, 2018 ~ Ekaterinburg, CMTE

II-nd Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Urals with international participation

The main objectives of the service of mother and child health care plans of modernization

III-rd International ExhibitionChild and Mother. Ekaterinburg 2011 ”



dicembre 12-13, 2018


IV National Congress of Social and Clinical Psychiatry

Modernization of psychiatric servicesa necessary condition to improve public mental health

(Lista di controllo dell'audit GMP, therapeutic and preventive aspects)


dicembre 15-16, 2018 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding


Health capital



16-23 gennaio 2019 ~Vienna,Austria

Traditions and new directions for the European pharmaceutical industry

Christmas Ball pharmacists inVienna



gennaio 17-20, 2019 ~Moscow, NTsAGiP

VI International Congress on Reproductive Medicine


gennaio 20-26 2012 ~Vienna,Austria

Traditions and new directions for the European pharmaceutical industry

Christmas Ball pharmacists inVienna


gennaio 27 – febbraio 2, 2019 ~Vienna,Austria

DoctorsBall inVienna



16 – 17 febbraio 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

I Congress of Trauma and Orthopaedic

Traumatology and Orthopedics of the capital. The Present and Future



febbraio 28 – marzo 1, 2019~Moscow, HotelRadisson Slavyanskaya

XIII All-Russian Scientific and Educational Forum

Terapia con cellule staminali embrionali 2019



1 – marzo 2, 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

XXXVIII session TsNIIGastroenterologii XII Congress of the Scientific Society of Gastroenterologists Russia

Pathology of the digestive system and its associated diseases. Problematic issues and solutions



6 – marzo 7, 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

IV Scientific Conference

Current issues of Respiratory Medicine



13 – 14 marzo 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

VIII Congress of theMoscowCityEndocrinologists




marzo 20-23, 2019 ~Moscow, Crocus Expo

II All-Russian Congress with international participation

Outpatient practice: Problems and Prospects


26-30 marzo 2019 ~Moscow, NTsAGiP

All-Russian Congress with international participation

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases



marzo 27-29, 2019 ~Moscow, Crocus Expo


XVII Scientific Conference

High Technology and Modernization in laboratory medicine

è riunire esperti di spicco e giovani ricercatori emergenti che applicano molti tipi di tecniche microscopiche nel campo delle scienze della vita o dei materiali e fornire un forum per nuove direzioni “Laboratory diagnosis of 2019


27 – 28 March 2019~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding


Scientific-practical conference

Fundamental and practical urology



marzo 30-31, 2019 ~Baku,Azerbaijan

I International Scientific and Practical Conference

Current issues of Medicine


5 – aprile 6, 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

X Scientific Conference

Nosocomial infections in hospitals in various fields, prevention and treatment of complications



Maggio 17 – 18 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

V Scientific Conference

Modern technologies and methods for diagnosing various disease groups, laboratory analysis



24 – 25 Maggio 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

X Scientific Conference

Pharmacological and physical methods of treatment in otorhinolaryngology



Maggio 30 – giugno 1, 2019 ~Moscow, Crocus Expo

IV All-Russian forum with international participation

Meddiagnostika 2019


giugno 2019 ~Moscow

Regional Science Forum

Mother and Child

Together with the plenary session of the Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists


giugno 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

Visit the international exhibition of ingredients, ed errori., intermediate products and auxiliary products for the pharmaceutical industry

CPhI China 2019



giugno 4-7, 2019 ~Moscow, NTsAGiP

XXV International Congress of Endoscopy course

New technologies in diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases


X Scientific Conference

Patient safety in anesthesiology and intensive care



terapia con cellule staminali