On this page is a list of medical conferences, congressi e altri incontri di specialisti in medicina dello sport, trauma, ortopedia, nutrizione e altre aree correlate. List built the ascending dateat the beginning of the earliest of the conference, after the most recent. Past conferences are transferred to the archive.


Report Conference on Forum

The forum is open a separate section “Conferenze”, where you can report new conferences and congresses, which are not represented in this list, or information about them is not complete. Please keep in mind when creating a new topic on the forum to put a tick next toAlert the answer”, so you can learn about possible problems related to your conference. Once your ad information about this event will be added to this list, which will stand you links to the topic.


Newsletter list of new conferences

On our site works dispatch with which we send out updates to the list of future conferences and congresses in sports medicine. More information about the newsletter




I All-Russia Congress with international participationSPORTS MEDICINE FOR-2011

19 – settembre 20, 2011


Deadline to August 1, 2011

All-Russian conferenceModern problems of sports medicine and rehabilitation in sport

10 – novembre 11, 2011


Deadline to July 15, 2011

Forum “Russian Health Care Week 2011

in which is traditionally held an annual international scientific conferenceSportMed

5 – dicembre 9, 2011

Mosca, Expocentro



VI International CongressPeople, Sport and Health


Stem.MD Cliniche mediche ortopediche rigenerative. Pietroburgo



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