Treatment of male and female infertility by using stem cells



Treatment of female infertility by stem cells

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The purpose of terapia con cellule staminali in the treatment of female infertility is to eliminate the causes that play a role in infertility in this case. Treatment with stem cells has a beneficial effect on the immunity of women, which is very important in cases where female infertility is associated with infectious and inflammatory diseases, as well as with immune disorders.

Inoltre, terapia con cellule staminali for female infertility is of great importance in preparing for in vitro fertilization (IVF or ICSI), reducing the percentage of complications of this procedure. Stem cells in female infertility affect the activation of the function of the ovaries, contributes to the restoration of the inner lining of the uterus, which is important for the preparation of embryo implantation and fetation. For patients who have a problem of infertility associated with persistent endometrial hypoplasia, the issue of the birth of the child can now be solved with the help of assisted reproductive technologies in combination with stem cells therapy.

As a result of the cell therapy of female infertility, there is a significant improvement in the functions of the endocrine and nervous systems of the woman’s body.

The most effective method of infertility treatment, both male and female, is today stem cells, regenerative therapy. The use of stem cells in the treatment of male infertility associated with chronic inflammation of the prostate leads to a pronounced resolution of various adhesive processes. This phenomenon is in the unique ability of stem cells to recreate in the prostate gland a new, healthy network of vessels. This allows to fully restore the function of receptors that are in the vascular walls and ducts of the prostate, and thus stop the stagnation in the prostate gland in the tissues. The result of treatment with stem cells of male infertility is a significant improvement in sperm count and restoration of all functions of the endocrine system.

Thanks to terapia con cellule staminali, the result of treatment of infertilità femminile is a significant improvement in the work of the nervous and endocrine system. And also the elimination of adhesions in the reproductive organs and the restoration of fertility. The function of the ovaries is significantly activated, and the mucous membrane of the uterus completely normalizes and restores its functions. Anche, the use of terapia con cellule staminali is of great importance in the preparation of a woman for the IVF procedure, significantly reducing the percentage of any complications.

One of the frequent causes of infertility in women is the thinning of the uterine mucosaendometrial hypoplasia.

Endometriumthe mucous membrane of the uterus, which performs a very important functioncreates favorable conditions for the implantation of a fertilized egg.

The endometrium undergoes changes during the menstrual cycle, its thickness varies. It is greatest at the 24-27 day of the cycle and is 1-1.3 cm, and the smallest thickness is observed on 3-4 days and is 0.3-0.5 cm.

The breakthrough in the therapy of endometrial hypoplasia and female infertility has been research using own stem cells. It was found that with the introduction of stem cells derived from menstrual blood or adipose tissue of women into the uterus using a special catheter, an increase in the thickness of the endometrium is observed in most women after a single injection. The achieved normal thickness of the endometrium after the introduction of stem cells in most women remained for at least 1 anno.

This technique allows you to successfully carry out the IVF procedure in the future, and in some cases, to become pregnant and safely endure the child.


Treatment of male infertility by using stem cells

The treatment of male infertility by stem cells has as its goal the elimination of the causes that led to this disease. Stem cells therapy can improve the men immunity , which is important if the cause of male infertility are infectious or inflammatory diseases, stress and immune factors.

In male infertility, the cause of which is chronic prostatitis, stem cells therapy promotes resorption of adhesions in the tissues of the prostate. This is due to the unique property of stem cells to replenish diseased and damaged tissue cells, and to promote the growth of new blood vessels, incl. and in the prostate gland, which has a beneficial effect on the function of this important sexual organ. Stem cells also successfully regenerate the tissue of the affected or damaged testicle and its appendages in cases of trauma or inflammatory diseases.

Stem cells therapy of male infertility can achieve significant improvement in sperm counts, restore the endocrine organs, which is important for strengthening and nervous system of men.




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