Stem cells therapy in Europe and USA for orthopedics problems

Some stem cells biotechnology companies n developing therapeutic products based on adult stem cells mainly for use in orthopedics (pour la régénération des tissus osseux et cartilagineux). Stem Cells obtained from a single donor are propagated in the laboratory and frozen-from which a sufficient number of cells can be obtained to treat thousands of patients.

Cellular products can be used for the healing of non-healing fractures, including bone cracks, as well as for the treatment of degenerative diseases of intervertebral discs. In preclinical trials, an effective fusion of the vertebrae was demonstrated with the help of one such product; stem cells formed a bone tissue between the vertebrae, which prevented their mobility.

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Its advantages over the current methods are that it does not require an autograft (usually obtained from the patients pelvic bonea painful operation), the possibility of complications decreases and the results of the operation are improved. The uniqueness of the new technology is in the use of donor stem cells. The problem of immune rejection in this case is solved by using a special kind of stem cells that are not recognized as alien by the immune system.

Perhaps the same cellular product can be used to regenerate the vertebrae in earlier stages of the disease, when the spondylodesis is not yet shown. En outre, stem cells companies develops methods for the cellular therapy of cardiovascular diseases based on the use of autologous stem cells

thérapie par cellules souches