Conferences in Ukraine 2013



7 Conférence scientifique internationale “Ukrainian media 2012: problems


modeling media content

01.01.2012 | Ukraine, Kiev

8 III All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conferenceUkrainian culture and


mentality: originality in the context of globalization

16.01.2012 | Ukraine, Yalta

9 All-Ukrainian conference of memory Kveselevycha DI (1935 – 2003) “Modern


Status and prospects of linguistic research and translation problems

01.02.2012 | Ukraine, Jitomir

10 III International Scientific ConferenceTourism and hotel and restaurant


Business in Ukraine: problems of development and regulation

01.02.2012 | Ukraine, Cherkasy

11 International Student Scientific ConferenceResearch Methodology


youth media content

10.02.2012 | Ukraine, Kiev

12 The second issue Collected WorksKremenets comparative studies

15.03.2012 | Ukraine, m.Kremenets

13 IX International Scientific Conference “Comptabilité, control and analysis in management



02.04.2012 | Ukraine, Cherkasy



VII National Scientific Conference


The first step in science,”


qui se tiendra 20-21 Mars 2012 in Luhansk National University. T.





IX International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young ScientistsEconomic and






qui se tiendra 23-24 février 2012 in Ternopil National Economic


University (Ternopil)


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE students and young scientists




dedicated to the 165th anniversary of VV Pidvychotskoho


qui se tiendra 19-20 avril 2012.



V International Congress UKRAINIAN




kotorыy held 27-28 avril 2012 year in Kiev.




V World CongressAviation in the XXI Century” – “Safety in Aviation and Space Technology



septembre 25-27


XII International scientific conference of young scientists and studentsflight. Modern


problems of science


avril 4-5



Aerospace Institute



Scientific SeminarHierarchical dynamicsthe new trend of modern physics







Scientific-practical seminaraviation ground equipment. Recherche, production,


maintenance and training








Scientific-Technical SeminarEngines and Power Plants







Scientific SeminarProblems of Mechanics and Strength of Machines»




(From September to June)


International ConferenceIntelligent decision-making and problem


Computational Intelligence ISDMCI-2012





Conférence scientifique internationale “Modern information and innovative technology to


transport MINTT-2012






XII International Scientific Conference of the Association of Industrial hydraulics


and pneumaticIndustrial hydraulics and pneumatic»






Humanities Institute


V International Scientific ConferenceProfessional and Literary Translation: Theory,


methodology, and practice



avril 6-7


VII International Scientific ConferenceExtreme and aviation psychology in


context of technological advances information age



Mars 28-29


V International Scientific ConferenceActual problems of philology and American





avril 25-27


And the International Scientific ConferenceIntegration of Higher Education UKRAINE TO THE




And world educational space


février 22-23,


III Interregional methodical seminarPreparing students to non-linguistic specialties




cultural communication in the process of studying the humanities



juin 15


National scientific-practical conferenceProblems of teaching foreign languages ​​in the




higher education



Mars 16


National scientific-practical conferenceSocial adaptation of technology to students


learning environment at the university of Ukraine



Mars 20


Conférence scientifique et pratique “Actual problems of higher professional education




Mars 25-26


Scientific-practical seminarProblems of social adaptation of the individual student in the




graduation, ”



octobre 9


Scientific-methodical seminarIdentifying and forming professionally important qualities of




experts NAU




janvier 24


Conférence scientifique “Anthropological and socio-cultural dimensions of globalized world



Mars 28


Conférence scientifique et pratique “Actual problems of higher professional education in





22-23 Mars


Scientific-methodical seminarlinguistic, literary and methodological aspects of foreign


Studies and methods of teaching foreign languages ​​



février 22,


Mars 19


Scientific-methodical seminar onLanguage and culture in the educational environment of







Conférence scientifique et pratique “Modern fitness technology in physical education students



juin 18-19


VII Scientific-practical conferencePhysical education in the context of modern education





Symposium “The human factor in aviation. Psychology safe operation of aircraft






septembre 25-27



Institute of Economics and Management


séminaire “Modern trends of innovation in an economy air transportation



février 20


Scientific-methodical seminarProblems of Transport Economics




février 21


Third National Scientific Conference for Students and Young ScientistsModern


creative approaches to economic management



Mars 15-16


Republican scientific-practical conferenceModern problems of economic theory and


Economic policy




Mars 16


séminaire “Development trends of creative economy



Mars 19


séminaire “Prospects of development of information technologies in various sectors of the






avril 23


séminaire “Modeling investment potential of Ukraine



Mai 21


séminaire “Modern Problems in modeling systems sotsioekolohoekonomichnyh



septembre 10


XIV International scientific and practical conferenceMarket Services Integrated Transport




and applied problems of logistics





II International scientific conferenceModern problems of economy




octobre 15


IV International Scientific ConferenceInformation Technologies, Systems Analysis and


modeling systems sotsioekolohoekonomichnyh



octobre 16-19


VII International Scientific ConferenceModern Problems of Management




25-26 octobre


X International scientific conferenceProblems of training of professional personnel with


logistics in a global competitive environment




25-26 octobre


VII International Scientific ConferenceModern problems of global processes in


global economy



novembre 8


National scientific-practical conferenceActual problems of accounting and


auditing present



novembre 13-14


Conférence scientifique internationale “Finance: Theory and Practice




20-21 novembre


International scientific-practical conferenceProblems of air transportation and


use of air power in the fields of economy




novembre 23


National Scientific ConferenceInnovation and investment development problems


Ukraine ”


décembre 13


Atelier “Cognitive economya modern direction of economic systems




décembre 13



Institute for Aerospace systems


IV International Scientific ConferenceModelling in electrical engineering, electronics and






septembre 19-21


II Conférence scientifique internationale “Methods and systems for navigation and air traffic









Institute of information and diagnostic systems


IV Scientific and Technical Conference StudentProtection of classified information


access and automated processing




février 9-10


Scientific-Technical ConferenceSafety of Information Technology



21-22 Mai


V International Scientific ConferenceIntegrated intellectual work and technical


complexes “(IIRTK 2012)



Mai 22-23


Scientific SeminarInformation-measuring technologies and systems


octobre 10-11


Scientific-methodical seminarIntegrated PLM-production technology and education




septembre 20-21



Institute of Air Navigation


All-Ukrainian conferenceActual problems of English language competence for


special purposes: competence paradigm






Conférence scientifique et pratique “Protection of Information in Communication Systems



avril 24-27


Summer School of Young Scientists and StudentsAerospace Technologies and Systems




Scientific-practical seminarModern problems of aviation and space technologies and








Scientific-Technical ConferenceProblems of development of global communication,




surveillance and air traffic management CNS / ATM »





National Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and StudentsProblems of navigation and


traffic control







Institute of airports


Conférence scientifique internationale “Theory and Practice of Design




9-13 avril


IV International Scientific ConferenceArchitecture and Environment. The problems of urban


environnement ”





IV International Scientific ConferenceAirportsWindow to the Future







Institute of International Relations


International scientific-practical conferenceNational economic development strategies in


global environment




avril 18


Student conference “Ukraine – XXI century.




avril 4


International ConferencePower vs Media: interaction or confrontation



novembre 1-2


Student conference

Issues of Comparative Law




Mars 23


Conférence scientifique internationale “Interaction of Transport and Tourism: Trends,


Problèmes et perspectives ”



11-12 octobre


Conférence scientifique internationale “Coordination in the Department of Journalism and


editorial media as a factor in training future journalists




Mars 16



Institute of Ecological Security


6th Seminar of the International Cartographic Association ICA WorkshopCartography,




and Ecological Safety “(« Cartography, kartosemiotyka and environmental safety “)





National Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and StudentsEcological Safety


Etat ”






Astronomical School of Young Scientists





IV International Scientific





School for young scientistsSchool of young scientists in problems of environment


protection from


civil aviation impact “, under the EU program X-Noise






Law Institute


Roundtable onLegal problems of insolvency and bankruptcy in Ukraine



janvier 26


II International ConferenceLaw and State Formation in the context of globalization:


theoretical and practical aspects


février 24


Roundtable onActual problems of criminal justice




Mars 15


The round tableProblems of the welfare state in Ukraine


Mars 21


Round table onProblems of legal regulation of public administration




Mars 22


Table ronde “enforcement: theory and practice




avril 10


Roundtable onActual problems of criminal law of Ukraine



avril 18


Scientific-methodical seminarTheoretical and methodological aspects of graduate design


specializationTransport Law



avril 20


Scientific-practical seminarMethods of studying the intellectual property rights in


non-core faculty



avril 26


National Scientific Conference for Science Day




Mai 17


Scientific-methodical seminarFeatures of teaching business law and business


legislation on non-core departments




Mai 18


Scientific-practical seminarActual problems of state and legal mechanisms in


a legal reform




septembre 28


Round tableConsumer protection: a comparative legal analysis




octobre 16


Round TableLegal security problems aerospace industry



octobre 21


Scientific-practical seminarLegitimacy in the law: historical and theoretical aspects




octobre 23


Scientific-practical seminarWays of improving the criminal procedure law


restrictions on the constitutional human and civil rights in criminal proceedings



novembre 18



Faculty of Computer Science


International scientific conference and graduate studentsEngineering Software


de 2012 ”




4-7 juillet


Research Seminar of Young ScientistsProblems of Software Engineering




Summer School IBM




June 20-July 4


Scientific-practical seminarInformation Technologies







Faculty of Computer Systems


Conférence scientifique internationale “Intelligent Technologies linguistic analysis




24-25 octobre


Scientific-practical seminarDesigning computing based on FPGA




octobre 18-19


Conférence scientifique internationale “Computer systems and network technologies




juin 13-15


Conférence scientifique et pratique “Multimedia Technologies in Education



14-15 novembre


Scientific-methodical seminarModeling and Signal Processing



février 8



Mai 17, 2012, Simferopol

VΙΙ Scientific ConferenceDevelopment of innovation culture society: problems and


perspectives ”


25 – avril 27, 2012 from Simferopol to Yalta

VΙ International Scientific ConferenceScientific support reform processes


socio-economic relations in the context of globalization. ”


18 – avril 20, 2012, Simferopol

ΙV student scientific-practical conferenceProblems and prospects of socio-economic


development of Ukraine. ”


29 – Mars 31, 2012 from Simferopol to Yalta

IV International scientific conferenceModern technologies of Europe.


24 février 2012 Yalta

There will be a round tableProblems and prospects of forming humanitarian policy


Ukraine “.


26 – 28 janvier 2012 Yalta

III All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conferenceUkrainian culture and mentality:


identity in the context of globalization. “

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