Resort Isla Paraíso

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Perched in the North Male’ Atoll, y a pocos kilómetros del Aeropuerto Internacional Velana, se encuentra uno de los complejos turísticos de lujo más bellos de Maldivas, Resort Isla Paraíso. Este complejo está alrededor 9 kilómetros de distancia del Aeropuerto Internacional Velana. The island is fringed by a splendid bank of pearl-white sand. The tropical island greenery of this island is truly remarkable. Another feature of this island is the pristine waters surrounding the beaches of the island. Paradise Island Resort surely lives up to its name by letting its guests experience a tropical island paradise. The island epitomizes the perfect holiday environment. Plan your vacation in one of the most prestigious luxury resorts in the country. Rave reviews show that this is one of the best destinations to spend a family holiday and this resort offers the best catering services for families.

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