Modern principles of treatment of neurooncology diseases. Prospects for functional neurosurgery

مؤتمر طبي

15-16 سبتمبر

Sudak, Crimea, أوكرانيا

Conference Description

الموضوعات الرئيسية:

Brain disease:
:: Brain tumors pulp
:: Hydrocephalus
:: Abnormalities of the cerebral pulp
:: Intracranial hematomas
Diseases of the spine and spinal cord:
:: Tumors of the spine and spinal pulp
:: Spinal curvature (scoliosis, kyphosis)
:: Chronic back pain
:: Herniated intervertebral discs
:: Degenerative diseases of the spine (stenosis channel spine, spondylolisthesis)
:: Abnormalities of the spine
:: Back injury and spinal pulp

Diseases of the peripheral nervous system:
:: Trigeminal neuralgia
:: Carpal tunnel syndrome
:: The syndrome of Guyon
:: Ulnarny syndrome
:: Tarsal syndrome

Areas of Focus:

Medulloblastomas, ependymomas, CNS PNETs, low-grade and high-grade gliomas, brain stem gliomas, ATRT, germ cell tumors, craniopharyngiomas, choroid plexus tumors, infant brain tumors, cancer predisposition syndromes, neuro-imaging, neuropathology, molecular biology, neuro-oncology nursing, outcomes and quality of life.



Target Audience:

This program is designed for researchers and all health care professionals interested in the care of children with central nervous system tumors including:
جراحو الأعصاب
Radiation Oncologists
علماء الأمراض
علماء الأوبئة


Fellows, Residents, and Students
Social Workers



Kristina Zadorina
Registration fees: 485 يورو
1-5 – 5%
5-10 -10%
10-15 – 15 %
20-30- 20%
30-40 -30%
50 more – 50%



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