Functional Diagnosis in Neurology


22-23 سبتمبر 2018


Confirmation of diagnosis of epilepsy;
Clarification of the forms of epilepsy and the localization of epileptic foci;
Confirmation epileptic drug remission of the disease and the adequacy of antiepileptic therapy, which is held (no epileptiform discharges during the day and night video-EEG monitoring);
Unlike the issue of antiepileptic therapy;
Paroxysmal disorders of consciousness;
Paroxysmal movement disorders;
Clarification of the reasons for a single epileptic seizure;
Clarification of the causes of rare attacks (incomplete compensation correctly diagnosed);
Recurrence of attacks against a background of continuous receiving therapy;
Delayed speech development of unknown origin, progressive decline in cognitive function, minimal brain dysfunction;
Affective-respiratory paroxysms;
Febrile convulsions;
Violation of the day and night sleep;
Enuresis, enkoprez;
Neepileptychni paroxysms;
Night terrors;
Snohodinnya; snohovorinnya;
– حالة الخدار;
Myoclonus and comparable states;
Paroxysms of dizziness of unknown origin.


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