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Medical Market Overview

Governtment Regulation of Medical Sector

The government owns 80 % of medical institutions, thus the government plays a significant role in medical issues.

A new State healthcare programme of the countryСаламатты Қазақстан- over the period 2011-2015:

measures for industry adaptation to market relations;

increasing efficiency of intersegmental and interdepartmental cooperation with the emphasis to strengthening of prophylactic activities;

motivation to healthy life style;

strengthening of joint population responsibility for own health;

development of quality domestic pharmaceuticals manufacturing and rise of its accessibility to population, إلخ.

A hundred medical facilities” برنامج

45 billion tenge were provided for «A hundred medical facilities» Programme. 7 projects were completed in 2008, 18 projects are planning to complete in 2009, 78 projects will put into operation in 2010-2011. 248 billion tenge were provided for the Programme implementing in 2010-2011.

hospitals, clinics and laboratories construction and facilities; development of medical science

production growth of native competitive pharmaceutical and medical products

investment opportunities procurement of healthcare sector for private companies

health manpower training and retraining


The Pharmaceutical Market

Unitary system of medicine distribution project is put into operation in 2009 and it made possible to reduce medicine costs and buy it directly to producer. By 2012 it is planning to create an effective infrastructure and give attention to the transport and logistic system development.


Medical Equipment Market
The medical equipment market in Kazakhstan has increased rapidly in size over the last few years. Nevertheless, the market still strongly depends on the import of medical equipment, which makes up 90 % of its total capacity.

According to industry analysts, the high-priority sectors for investment within the sphere of medical equipment are:

Diagnostic equipment

Medical lasers


Dental equipment

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